Morrison Tried To Reduce Fett’s Dialogue When Favreau Was Not Around

In a recent interview Robert Rodriguez refuses to confirm any kind of Star Wars or Boba Fett return. Does that mean it's not happening?

Temuera Morrison tried to reduce Fett’s dialogue when Favreau was not around on the filming of The Book of Boba Fett. Morrison who has been tirelessly promoting the new Star Wars show on Disney+ with co-star Ming-Na Wen recently chatted with NME. In the video Morrison says he thinks that Boba Fett talks too much. I have also seen many fans declare that Fett talks too much, but I’ll get into why that should not matter more below. As for Morrison here is what he said about trying to reduce some dialogue whilst exec producer and writer John Favreau wasn’t around.

“I’m talking too much,” Morrison said in an interview with NME. “This bubba doesn’t talk this much! I’ve got all these paragraphs here! I think we should get rid of it,’” he recalls telling a crew member. “‘And Jon’s gone to Atlanta, so don’t tell him!’ Next morning on set, I get a call from Atlanta: ‘Uh, Jon wants you to say all that dialogue.’”

Now see, I think all of this stems from the same reason I was never a fan of Fett to begin with, until recently. Boba Fett says like a few words only in all of the OT. Fans have built up that he is this ultimate warrior, mixed with some other fantastical ideas and he doesn’t talk, he just executes fools for looking at him funny. This is not in the OT, in fact we’ve seen more of young Boba in The Clone Wars than we ever saw of his OT character. All Fett does is track a ship, dobs in the good guys, transports one to get some money, and then gets taken out by accident over the Sarlaac pit by a blind man. What a legend eh?

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Fans have created an image of what Fett was in their heads which never existed. This show, and Mando S2 before, is truly the first time anyone has actually explored the character of Fett as an adult. He was just window dressing and not important at all in the OT. Yet, apparently Fett talks too much in the show? Remember he’s not a Bounty Hunter any longer, he’s a crime boss. I don’t think The Godfather, or The Sopranos would have been that great if Michael or Tony didn’t talk much.

I therefore reject the argument that some fans are presenting that LFL doesn’t ‘get’ Boba Fett. The truth is there’s nothing to get, unless you expected this Fett to be like the one from Robot Chicken, who also gets far more development than the real Fett ever got in the OT.

What do you think of the story Temuera Morrison tried to reduce Fett’s dialogue when Favreau was not around? Thoughts below as always.

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