– by Nick Doll

Deadline reports that MoviePass is back to covering all AMC locations, after previously removing theaters from its app in New York, Boston, San Diego, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles.

Back in January, MoviePass told Deadline that it pulled less than 2% of AMC’s locations because the world’s largest theater chain didn’t want to collaborate with the monthly movie-ticket service. MoviePass wanted a cut of concessions and ticket sales, but AMC wasn’t having any of that.

According to a report yesterday from a MoviePass insider, the company says that the ending the ban on certain AMC theaters wasn’t actually a ban, but instead a test of their consumers’ ticket-buying habits. MoviePass cut off access to better see how they impacted moviegoer traffic. And if you believe that line, I have a bridge to sell you in Arizona.

Though MoviePass is making moves with Landmark Theatres through an exhibition agreement, talks have not resumed with AMC, though MoviePass is hopeful talks will resume shortly.

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MoviePass is an interesting beast that we in the movie theater industry worry about. Yes, quite a few of my guests use them, you can’t go a day without seeing at least a dozen. Though their model for making money isn’t clear yet, at the unnamed chain I work at, we fear they will want to leverage a share of ticket cost based on the extra people they are bringing in. Without AMC, Regal, and Cinemark banding together, MoviePass may be unstopable. Then again, we were doing fine before at my location, so we’d only lose the people we gained due to MoviePass, keeping our net sum of guests the same as before. And with upcoming releases like Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, at this moment it’s not like we need them as much as they need us…

It will be interesting to see what role MoviePass takes in the exhibition of films in the future, but MoviePass or not, your local theater isn’t going away anytime soon… Hopefully.

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SOURCE: Deadline