– by Nick Doll

Another high(er) profile movie for Netflix, another critical disaster.

Though there are only 28 current reviews for Netflix’s latest original film Mute at the time of this writing, it currently sits at an 11% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Written and directed by Duncan Jones, the director behind Moon, Source Code, and Warcraft, Mute has been a a long-time passion project for the director, who first told me about it at a Q&A segment after a screening of Moon. He thought then, back in 2009, that Mute would be his next project.

That’s not how the Force (of Hollywood) works!

Prior to Warcraft, Jones’ first two films, both high concept sci-fi films Moon and Source Code were loved by critics with 89% and 91% respectively. Warcraft received a 28%, but is nowhere near the critical disaster Mute is.

Here are just a few quotes from critics about the movie.

First, the positive. Eric Kohn from Indie Wire wrote:

“Jones is clearly striving to develop something fresh out of well-trodden material, and Mute at least exhumes Jones’ stature as a notable auteur.”

The other critics… were not so kind.

Amy Nicholson of Uproxx had this to say:

Mute is more interesting as a bullet-point list of absurdities than as a two-hour film. Yet, Jones continues to have my attention.”

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Next, Ignatiy Vishnevestky from AV Club:

“With an insipid script, no narrative line, and a cast of unlikable characters, Mute has to get by on looks-neon Cold War hand-me-downs with all the workmanship of journeyman TV.”

Chris Nashawaty from Entertainment Weekly felt like the trailer sold a better film than they got:

“Early trailers made it look like a neon-noir cross between Blade Runner and The Fifth Element. Sadly, it’s just another airless dud in red packaging.”

But Brian Tallerico from RogerEbert.com was most cruel, writing:

“A mishmash of ideas in search of a movie.”


Netflix’s last two high profile releases, Bright and The Cloverfield Paradox did not perform much better critically, and I did enjoy both those films. I plan to watch Mute this weekend, and if I love it, it may add credence to my theory: critics are tanking Netflix Original Film reviews because film critics have been vocal about how Netflix is destroying movies. Is there anything more to this theory than the typical Rotten Tomatoes review tampering conspiracy theories? Maybe not, but my theory seems to make sense more and more with each high profile Netflix film release. Then again, Mute may very well be trash, I’ll find out soon.

Do you plan on watching Mute, disregarding these reviews? Did you also think critics were overly harsh on Bright and Cloverfield Paradox? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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SOURCE: Rotten Tomatoes