My Senpai Is Annoying Review: A Fun Slice Of Life Anime

When I was looking at Funimation’s Fall 2021 lineup, there were a few shows that jumped out at me. Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi or My Senpai is Annoying looked fun and cute. This one took me out of my normal enjoyed genres. Normally, I get sucked into harem anime (I swear, most of the time, I don’t see it coming and then I’m invested). I also like action and fantasy and, well, I could go on. But it was nice to step away from the intensity and spiciness for a bit and enjoy something sweet for a change.

My Senpai is Annoying is a slice of life anime that follows Igarashi Futaba starting a new job and her senpai, Takeda Harumi. What first interested me on this series was that it wasn’t centered around high schoolers. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great anime set around high school. But sometimes, it’s great to get out of the familiar and go for something different. My Senpai is Annoying was light and funny and it was something I looked forward to every Saturday.

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Just like the synopsis shared, Futaba found Takeda’s treatment toward her annoying, as well as little details about him such as his laugh. It was really loud and he always towered over her. Takeda would tousle her hair like a kid and she would repeatedly ask him to stop. He did always have his kouhai’s back, though. And after her training was over, if ever Futaba needed help, he would always be there. To explain a little bit of Japanese honorifics for those who don’t know, senpai is mentor and kouhai is underling.

I really liked the friendship that Futaba and Natsumi Kurobe had. Natsumi notices Futaba has feelings for Takeda and helps her friend out like when Natsumi takes off so they can be alone together. Nothing blossoms between Futaba and Takeda, but it’s worth a try to help a friend out.

It’s Like Looking In A Mirror

As someone who is also very short and young-looking, I could relate to Futaba. In my early 20s, I was called the jail-bait wife. And while my husband and I are only 3 years apart, my neighbor thought he was my dad at first… So I get how annoyed she was. Futaba is short compared to everyone and so am I. She’s so short, she struggles to keep up with Takeda and is assumed to be younger than she actually is by others. It’s tough when people don’t take you seriously. The last episode showed us how Takeda and Futaba met and it didn’t go well. It was her first day of work and Takeda assumed she still in school on a field trip, so their first conversation left her annoyed. Then she found out he would be her senpai. Awkward…

The Main Characters Don’t Have To Live Happily Ever After

The season showed the romantic tension between Takeda and Futaba, but it was really refreshing that it didn’t end with them in a relationship. It was just a crush and nothing more. There is something between the side characters, Sakurai Touko and Kazama Souta. Their budding relationship starts with office banter and there’s a white knight moment when they are on a date. The show ended with the two characters starting a relationship and it was fun watching it grow. Kazama was a character that kept to himself, but it was obvious that he liked Sakurai and she was very patient with him. She finds his behavior cute when he gets flustered around her.

I enjoyed watching it and I can’t think of anything wrong with the anime, but it didn’t blow me away. The shows I usually watch are more intense and less sweet. At least it wasn’t another harem. The whole series is out on Funimation.

I would rate My Senpai is Annoying a B+.

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