– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Writer Neil Gaiman, creator or the SANDMAN graphic novels, had to face the same news late last week as the rest of us: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who was developing and championing a film adaptation of the beloved books, has walked away from the project. The acclaimed writer took to twitter to make clear how he feels about the situation.

For starters, Gaiman says getting a SANDMAN film made is of little importance to him. He’s happy with the books, so a film isn’t really a priority:

The writer also made crystal clear that he’s not very involved in the film. He informs a fan that he doesn’t own the rights to the character, and is therefore more on the sidelines when it comes to a SANDMAN movie:

In his farewell announcement, Gordon-Levitt showed Gaiman lots of love and declared that he’d still want to collaborate with the writer on something else in the future. Gaiman reciprocated that sentiment:

The love fest continued in another tweet, when Gaiman said that not only are there no hard feelings towards Gordon-Levitt for leaving SANDMAN, but that he still deeply respects the actor-writer-director:

So, SANDMAN fans, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster the last few days. The film gained a new writer, and then promptly lost its star/producer/potential director. What comes next is anyone’s guess, but at least creator Neil Gaiman seems unfazed by the latest developments.

My two cents? Unless they find another visionary that loves the source material, who wants to fight to get it right, then don’t even bother. It’s not like it’s a mainstream title that audiences are dying for and is a guaranteed hit. The film will live or die on the strength of its vision, and its marketing. So either get the best possible people, or move on. 

SOURCE: Twitter

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