– by Seth McDonald

The ScreenJunkies  are back at it, with another Honest Trailer. This time their target is Netflix’s fantasy world/cop drama crossover Bright. The Junkies rip into the film pretty hard, as well as Netflix’s desire to bring tons of new content (I don’t think that’s a bad thing).

The film stars Will Smith as a Will Smith and Joel Edgerton as partners in the LAPD and the video points out that once again, Will Smith is the wildcard, and goes through a small montage of how many times he has played this type of character.

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Though the film has its flaws, I found it to be entertaining. I liked the idea of the fantasy crossover with the real world cop action, I just think it could have had better execution. The ScreenJunkies actually bring up some good points, mainly how our history has remained the same, though all these fantasy creatures have co-existed with us since the beginning of time, yet had no influence on the history of the world. The fantasy beings didn’t start or participate in any of the wars, or seem to have much influence on our world except for simply existing.

ScreenJunkies also quips about how easily Netflix will supposedly green-light shows as well as offering to write the Bright sequels for Netflix.

What did you think of ScreenJunkies take on Bright? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Screen Junkies