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Netflix’s Lost In Space Episode 1 Impressions — Does It Suck? | WonderCon 2018

It’s been over 50 years since the original sci-fi television show Lost in Space aired. Today at this year’s WonderCon, Netflix treated all those attending the panel to a screening of the first episode of the Lost in Space reboot set to be released April 13, 2018 containing 10 episodes.

This Netflix original stars Toby Stephens as John Robinson and Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson. The Robinson children are played by Taylor Russell who is plays Judy, Mina Sundwall who plays Penny and Max Jenkins who plays the youngest member of the family Will. All of these actors were in attendance to the panel at WonderCon as well as Ignacio Serriccho and Parker Posey and showrunner Zack Estrin.

Just a quick warning that there are some minor SPOILERS ahead here of the first episode.

Without giving too much away, in the first episode we meet the Robinson family, who have been selected as a family to leave Earth and re-colonize on another planet. Unfortunately, their colonization ship crash lands on an unknown planet. Although they are lucky enough that the planet has similar qualities to Earth, that is about where their luck runs out. They have crash landed on a frozen area of the planet and their ship sinks to the bottom of a frozen lake. One member of the family has a broken leg while another is stuck in the frozen ice as she attempted to retrieve something from the ship.

Time is of the essence as it will be night soon and the conditions are only going to get worse. Throughout the episode the family has to keeps having to deal with problem after problem that only makes their situation worse. Throughout this time we are also treated to flashbacks of the family showing what their lives were like before the current events.

The highlight of the episode comes when the youngest member of the family meets a certain robot and then gives us that iconic sci-fi line, “Danger Will Robinson”. Along with this we are briefly introduced to Dr. Smith. But let’s not get too carried away with the details as I would prefer you enjoyed the episode yourself.

Overall, it was a fantastic presentation of a re-imagined classic series. A lot of times shows like these have a hard time because of the fact that their original themes and plots are so outdated. After the presentation the cast spoke about this very topic. Stephens talked about his character and the family in general saying that, “I think what I like most about John… it’s a real family, a real modern family. He has faults. He’s not some ideal parent. He’s trying to be an ideal parent. that’s what I like… they’re all struggling to be better.”

Along with his comments Paker talked about the female roles in the show and how they were different when the show was first released as well as how they would be different thirty years in the future when the show takes place.

“I love the original and I certainly loved the original Maureen. But it’s a different time with different gender dynamics. One of the things that I love about the show, all the girls and women in the show are really strong. There’s never a sense that they couldn’t do what any of the boys can do. It’s not even a question. It’s not a rah rah role playing thing… this show takes place 30 years in the future… hopefully by then we’ll be in a place where we’ve dealt with all that.”

One very amusing moment of the presentation came when an audience member asked Jenkins if he had ever heard the iconic, “Danger Will Robinson” line before given his age. He answered yes… but he had heard it in a Family Guy episode.

The first episode kept audiences at the edge of their seat as the Robinson family battled through everything that could possibly go wrong. We got a great introduction to the family and a robot as well as a good sense that the worst is yet to come. I look forward to the release of the rest of the episodes next month.

Are you excited for the release of Lost in Space? Let us know in the comment section below!

Netflix Original Lost in Space season 1 will be released exclusively on Netflix April 13, 2018.


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