– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers for this season of Arrow.

So all year, I have been saying that Artemis and Prometheus were Deathstroke’s kids; Rose Wilson and either Grant or Jericho Wilson. I never could wrap my head around why they would make the historically known comic book character Vigilante (Adrian Chase) into Prometheus, unless there was more going on than meets the eye.

Well, this sizzle real, teasing the end of the season, actually has me more excited than The Flash (and that’s saying a lot). Check it out here, and watch for the quick images of Deathstroke and what is clearly Manu Bennet’s voice.


I simply never could buy that Adrian Chase was Claiborne’s kid seeking revenge, he simply knew too much. The one scene I keep going back to, and am still confused by, is in an episode where Ollie saw Prometheus do a move that he learned with Bratva (by the way, if you have not figured it out, the best translation from Russian is brotherhood). We have Team Felicity that has decoded an image of Chase taking off his mask, but who is to say that he is not actually Vigilante, and has simply helped play a role by wearing the outfit.

In understanding The CW outline, for most of it’s DC shows, I could not figure out why they would give the character’s identity away 3/4th’s through the season. Perhaps Adrian is actually a Wilson kid, or perhaps Artemis convinced him that Green Arrow is the true evil of the city. This would make a lot of sense, and with Ollie walking into the “Island’s” holding cell, with Deathstroke’s mask, even more of the story is coming together.

Artemis is Rose Wilson. Of this, I am certain. If she is not, than some writers at The CW should be fired, because this leaves many seasons open for future turmoil, especially if Deathstroke doesnt make the cut in The Batman.

So what do you guys think? Was the sizzle reel misleading? Or did it tell us exactly what we wanted to know?

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