– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Today’s been a huge day for JUSTICE LEAGUE news, and now let’s take a quick look at what’s been revealed about everyone’s favorite Dark Knight, Batman.

According to the synopsis that’s making the rounds, the character has grown quite a bit since BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. For starters, he’s described as having a restored faith in humanity, and it’s being claimed that Superman sacrificing his life for the people of earth has really inspired Batman to work selflessly alongside the very kinds of metahumans he once feared.

That’s quite an evolutionary step for good ol’ Bats.

But what about on the technical end of things? Everyone always loves Batman’s toys (where does he get them?!), and we’ve now got some details on what to expect in JUSTICE LEAGUE, as well as the first photo of the Batmobile he’ll be using in the film.

Here’s what producer Charles Roven said about Bruce Wayne’s bat-tech in JUSTICE LEAGUE:

“The Bat-tech that we’re going to introduce in this film isn’t just big stuff. Batman will have more than one Batsuit that he’s continually modifying for the adventures that are going to be had in this film. As well as that, he continues to modify the Batmobile to make it more weaponised for battles that he thinks he might be facing.”

Multiple Batsuits, you say? Interesting!

And here’s that shot of the Batmobile I promised:

But this won’t be the only vehicle we’ll see, as JUSTICE LEAGUE will also include a couple of new toys for the team to ride in. According to Mashable, we’ll get to see something called The Flying Fox, which will essentially be the team’s Quinjet, and an intriguing little thing called the Nightcrawler. The four-legged, boxy vehicle will crawl around resembling a giant robotic spider (paging Kevin Smith!).

So much to discuss today! It’s like Christmas!

What do you think of these latest Batman bits coming out of JUSTICE LEAGUE?

SOURCE: Mashable

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