– by Campbell Clark

We have so far seen some set photos for Avengers 4, which seemed to show Steve Rogers’ Captain America looking exactly like he did in the battle of New York for 2012’s Avengers movie.

Now a new set photo shows just to what lengths the filmmaker have gone to in order to recreate the scenes of that epic battle in New York from the original Avengers.


The set photo shows a recreation of the destruction which occurred during the final battle of Avengers, even the car used here is the exact same sedan that Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man crashed into in the movie. We also saw some possible promotional artwork yesterday for Avengers 4, with the team sporting new looks and of course Steve Rogers clean shaven. This adds further fuel to the fire that our heroes will come together some years later after the tragic events of Avengers: Infinity War and somehow have to travel back in time to the battle of New York. Just how this will all work, is still a mystery and frankly, I am happy that’s the case.

We all like little spoilers, small snippets which allow us to speculate further, but no one wants to sit and read the script at this point, do you?

Anyway, speculate on what this all means for Avengers 4 in the comments section down below.

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SOURCE: Atlanta Magazine