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Will the real Captain Marvel please stand up? In the wake of the whole Brie Larson controversy, you had plenty of fans out there pointing to the other “Captain Marvel,” who these days goes by the name Shazam. This character is set to be portrayed by Zachary Levi in DC Films’ Shazam! movie, and the fact that these two characters have their films released within such a short window of each other is kinda something in line with those clone movies we get every five years or so (the Armageddons and Deep Impacts).

Artist ultraraw26 took advantage of this idea and decided to do something pretty cool — throw both characters on a poster together. In it, we see Carol Danvers on one side and Shazam on the other. The star on her chest melds with the lightning bolt on his, and the logo is Marvel Studios’ version laid on top of the lightning bolt.

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Check it out below:

For those who are somehow this deep into the article and still aren’t understanding what’s going on, allow me to explain. Way back in 1939, a comics publisher created Captain Marvel as sort of a copy of Superman. Eventually, it started to outsell Superman so DC sued that company and acquired the rights to the character, pretty much putting the character to sleep.

By the time they took advantage of the character again, rights had lapsed, Marvel had picked them up, so they needed to brand him under a new name: Shazam! Hence we have that really confusing history between the two. Regardless of what other problems one may have thanks to the name change, the good thing is none of us have to choose. Captain Marvel came out and was a lot of fun, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say Shazam! didn’t look like a damn good time in the theaters too.

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SOURCE: ultraraw26

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