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What would a good superhero film be without a batch of unsubstantiated rumors? 4chan and Reddit seem to be the common place for early tidbits to pop up, and that’s exactly where this upcoming handful came from (hat tip to Cosmic Book News).

Now by no means are we saying any of these rumors or true, but they are fun for stirring up conversation.

Needless to say, if you don’t wish to be spoiled by the upcoming DC Extended Universe films, I highly urge you not to read ahead.







Here are the aforementioned JUSTICE LEAGUE and DCEU rumors!

  • The villains for JUSTICE LEAGUE are Ares and Ocean Master. Ares will be weakened after Wonder Woman but the recent conflicts with the Kryptonians and previous wars have re-powered him. He will spark a war between Atlanteans and the Amazons so he can reach the height of his powers. Ocean Master betrays Aquaman and takes the thrown and leads the attack on the Amazons.
  • Darkseid will still have a heavy presence in JUSTICE LEAGUE and will be the villain for JUSTICE LEAGUE 2.
  • Bruce Wayne and Amanda Waller have different views about metahumans. Bruce believes they can do good while Waller believes they are a threat and should be contained.
  • Batman will be the strategist of the team. Flash will be the sweeper. Cyborg will have a combination of long and short range attacks. Aquaman’s fighting style is straight up brutal.
  • Green Lantern will appear at the end of JUSTICE LEAGUE.
  • Joker and Black Mask will be the main two antagonist in the solo Batman film. Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon will appear.
  • The following films are in development: SUICIDE SQUAD 2, MAN OF STEEL 2, BIRDS OF PREY, CRIME SYNDICATE and NEW GODS. The Cyborg film has been cancelled.

Ocean Master and Ares

Ocean Master and Ares

Again, I feel it’s worth noting how doubtful it is that these rumors are true. If the bits regarding the JUSTICE LEAGUE plot are, in fact, true, I seriously worry about how overstuffed the film will be. Imagine all those plot points, as well as the assembling of the Justice League, and the resurrection of Superman all happening in one film — and you thought BATMAN v SUPERMAN was overstuffed! Given Jeremy Irons’ recent comments regarding the JUSTICE LEAGUE script, essentially stating it’s more linear, I have a hard time believing any of the stuff regarding the war between Atlanteans and Amazons.

I do enjoy the tidbits regarding the characters and their roles in the film. Not exactly insightful, though. I could’ve written that myself at any point, so no surprises there. And the idea that Green Lantern shows up at the end of JUSTICE LEAGUE…sure, okay. I have no real problems with it, but it doesn’t exactly fill me with excitement. Not that it’s a bad move, by any means, but rather, it’s nothing groundbreaking.

Black Mask (a.k.a. Roman Sionis)

Black Mask (a.k.a. Roman Sionis)

What I really love, however are the rumors that Joker and Black Mask will be the main villains in the Batman film. The Joker seemed like a predictable direction to go, but the Black Mask (a.k.a. Roman Sionis). Not only have we seen the character on the big screen before, but seeing this crime lord join forces with the Clown Prince of Crime is a great idea. One has to wonder if DC plans to use this as a back door entry for Catwoman. 

Now, in regards to the list of films, most of them make sense to me. CRIME SYNDICATE and NEW GODS stand out to me as especially strange ones, and if true, can be proof that DC may very well be going too big too soon. Perhaps with the positive reaction to SUICIDE SQUAD, they’ve taken to the idea of utilizing their stellar rogues’ gallery, but I hope they don’t escalate this universe too quickly. 

Lastly, I think it’s hilarious thatthe Cyborg movie will supposedly never happen. Mario, one of our colleagues here at LRM, has long since stated that he didn’t believe the film would ever hit theaters, and should this turn out true, we’ll likely never hear the end of it.

What do you think of these rumors? Do you detect any ounce of legitimacy in these rumors? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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SOURCE:  4chan/Reddit (via Cosmic BookNews)

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