– by Joseph Jammer Medina

There was a big DC TV announcement last night. Following murmurs from earlier this year that a show might be developed that would expand on the world we glimpsed in the first scenes of Man of Steel, SyFy has now confirmed that Krypton is on the way. Though, considering the way DC likes to keep its film and television franchises separate, it’s unclear if the Krypton depicted in the series will resemble the one in Zack Snyder’s film. One thing they will have in common is David S. Goyer. Goyer co-wrote Man of Steel, and he’s leading the charge on Krypton.

The show will delve deeper into the history of Superman’s home world than we’ve ever seen on screen. It goes past baby Kal-El, further than Jor-El, and lands on Seyg-El. Seyg-El is Superman and Supergirl’s grandfather, and has also been called Jor-El I in the comics. While it’s altogether that they may invent a completely new grandfather to follow, it should be noted that Seyg-El’s past story lines could lend themselves to some interesting television.

THR is reporting that the story will focus on a time when the House of El is shamed and ostracized by its peers, and will chronicle Kal-El’s grandpa’s attempts to bring hope and equality to a planet in disarray. In the past, Seyg-El has been depicted as the leader of Krypton’s Science Council- a mantle that Jor-El would eventually inherit. On the TV show Smallville, they had Seyg-El send his son to earth as a right of passage- which is what aids his eventual decision to send Kal-El there on the eve of Krypton’s demise.

As of now, we don’t know if the new show will pick upon any of those threads, as they could decide to forge an all new backstory for the character. Goyer and Ian Goldberg conceived the initial story for this SyFy series, with Goldberg taking the reins on the script itself. Goldberg’s past credits include FlashForward and Once Upon A Time

Krypton will join a large slate of DC-related properties on TV (assuming they’re all still around, or have made it, when it premieres), which include ArrowThe FlashGothamConstantineSupergirl, and Titans.


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