– by Seth McDonald

A new set Star Wars Lego toys associated with Solo: A Star Wars Story have been released. Included in, and perhaps the most important toy in the new set is the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon, all but confirming that the fabled run by Captain Solo will be depicted in the film. Along with it come some other toys including a new bounty hunter, a stormtrooper, and a Han Solo landspeeder.

You can check out the photos below:


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This is the second big clue released by Disney pointing to one of the more legendary events in Han Solo’s life. The first was a photo from Solo director Ron Howard showing a mineshaft with the caption, “Spicey?”

Han Solo completed the Kessel Run in a record time of “less than 12 parsecs.” It is debated what Han Solo meant when he said parsecs, as scientifically speaking, it is a unit of distance and not time. Pretty much, it’s agreed that this means that Han made the run in a ridiculously short distance. Being that this is Star Wars, there are plenty of theories out there explaining this, black holes and time travel come into play on most.

This is the closest we will get to confirmation of the Kessel Run without Ron Howard simply coming out and telling us it is in the movie.

Does this news please the great Jabba? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: StarWarsNewNet

  • Kratos

    i stand by my assertion that this movie will tank.

    • Moby85

      Not financially it won’t.

  • steadymobb

    I see they’re using the art that Disney said wasn’t official…HA

  • Jason Tyler

    I knew it! tha falcon has a different front end and no cargo gap.

    Probably going to get modded or messed up at some point in the movie and then eventually look like the MF from OT

  • TheOct8pus

    Lego is the worst at keeping secrets!

  • Kronx

    I think what Han really meant by “less than 12 parsecs” was “fewer than 12 parsecs.”

  • Kindofabigdeal

    They should have made Han start out as a pod racer.

    • Kratos

      “now THIS is pod racing!”….cringe

  • JustAnotherOpinion

    Some things are better just left to the imagination. This is one of them.

    Already saw the Clone Wars on the big screen and to me it had a few cool parts but overall disappointing.

    It was way cooler as something we all imagined individually than what was later introduced on screen.

    • agooseontheloose

      Everything mentioned in a New Hope is going to be in this film.
      Han winning the Falcon off Lando.
      The Kessel Run.
      Someone I know working on the film has confirmed it.
      I really hope this film sucks cause TLJ killed the new ST for me.

  • Laurence

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this

  • I like how they had to duck Chewie’s head so he can fit on the Lego Box

  • Moby85

    Wish we could see the figures more clearly and get some names. The Falcon’s design is interesting, note that if you look carefully the guns are only single cannons vs. quad mounts.