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New Rings Of Power Clip See’s Galadriel On The Hunt For Sauron

We heard some rumors, but they are rumors no more as Tom Bombadil is confirmed to be in The Rings of Power Season 2 played by Rory Kinnear.

A new Rings of Power clip, that see’s Galadriel on the hunt for Sauron was shown on the Late Show last night with Stephen Colbert. Colbert, a huge Tolkien nerd surpassing even my own knowledge, of course hosted the SDCC panel for The Rings of Power. Last night on his show he had Morfydd Clark on as a guest. The full interview is below, however I would say that there isn’t much talk about the show itself. It’s more about Clark’s reaction to getting the part, working in New Zealand and what to do in Wales during lambing season.

There was however a clip from the opening season we have not yet seen before. Check out the full interview below. Or, you can go straight to the clip below that in a social media post from FoF.

The one line I loved from this clip was,

‘Even stone cannot hide the mark of one whose very hand is flame unquenched.’

That is such a Tolkien line and it does give e some hope for the dialogue in this show. My chief concern was that it takes real skill to write dialogue like Tolkien would without having the Professor’s own words to use.

Whilst I cannot say for certain, here is what I take from all the snippets of details we’ve had officially and unofficially so far. So far I see four separate story threads for Season 1. Speculation time!

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Given the time compression used in this show, it seems like it won’t have been more than a few hundreds years since the final battle of the First Age, give or take.


New Rings Of Power Clip See's Galadriel On The Hunt For Sauron

Galadriel is on a quest look for Sauron. Perhaps she feels like Sauron didn’t receive the justice he should have when he refused the summons of the Valar. I think this is where we start Galadriel’s journey in the show. I’m sure Galadriel will discover some new evidence that worries her greatly and perhaps that’s what takes her to make the journey to Numenor in the first place?

The Elves

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Secondly I think we will see life from Elrond’s PoV in bot the Elven kingdoms and his dealings with the Dwarves in Khazad-Dum. This is where Celebrimbor will sow up and the eventual story will move towards the Rings.

The South

Thirdly, we have the Silvan Elf and the Human’s of the South in what the show is calling Tir-Harad. My guess, is that this land will the area which will one day be named as Mordor by Sauron. I expect here is where will feel the presence of Sauron and his followers most keenly.

Concerning Hobbits

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Lastly, the Harfoots, or pro-Hobbits if you prefer? I believe in the lore they came from the East, though it could ahve been South I’ll admit. That makes me suspect that the Meteor Man is one of the Blue Wizards, rather than an amnesiac Sauron. Thus we will have the story of the West (Numenor), the North (Lindon/Eregion), The South (Tir-Harad/Mordor), and the East which less is known about from Tolkien’s writings.

I could be totally wrong, but that’s how I’m seeing things right now. I’m intrigued to see how this story will be told and how it develops as well.

What do you think of the new Rings of Power clip? What do you think of Galadriel on the hunt for Sauron, or my crazy speculation? Thoughts below, or over on Discord if you can.

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