New Trailer For His Dark Materials Season 2 – First Glimpse Of Spectres

Yesterday saw a new trailer for His Dark Materials Season 2. The joint BBC/HBO adaptation is due to hit November 16th and so far we have seen one trailer. This new one (below) is a little longer and shows a hell of a lot more. Before I get into it, check out the brand new trailer.

I love Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. In fact it’s up there as one of my favorite books of all time. Out of the trilogy, the second book, The Subtle Knife was my favorite. It’s this second book which is being adapted into His Dark Materials Season 2. If you have not read the books, I’ll try to keep this spoiler free, because obviously I know what’s going on.

The part that perhaps excited me most was seeing Spectre’s for the first time. The Spectre’s which you will see looking like smoky black ink monsters in this trailer were one of the coolest parts of Pullman’s work to me. Spectre’s without spoiling too much, feed on the souls of adults, but leave children alone. I have to say I am so far not overly impressed by the design of the creatures here. However we do only get a few glimpses and I need to see them in context to fully judge. Sometimes though, it simply comes down to how your own imagination will create an image. If the team working on the show has a different interpretation, it can throw you off as a fan.

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There is a lot more here than Spectre’s though. The small shots of the Subtle Knife being used to cut through the fabric of space and time to access other realities looks amazing. Again, I need to be careful of spoilers, but the plot with Will and the Knife was amazing in the books and I cant wait to finally see it on screen.

If any fans out there thoughts that Season 1 might have been a bit slow, I don’t think you’ll have the same impression of Season 2. The plot of The Subtle Knife moves along at a breakneck pace and is split into three main narratives. Will and Lyra’s story is the main narrative of The Subtle Knife. However there are also threads led by Mrs Coulter and Lee Scorseby as well. As you’d guess, these three threads all come together in the climax of the book. One assumes Season 2 of the show will end similarly. It also looks like the show will follow closely to the book as all three strands are present and correct in this trailer.

Honestly, can’t wait for this one, and the action stakes will be raised considerably as well. If you thought HDM Season 1 was a little dark in places, things are about to get a whole lot darker in Season 2. What do you think of the new trailer for His Dark Materials Season 2? Leave your thoughts below in the usual place.

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