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Image via H&M

Image via H&M

There are a good number of directors whose filmmaking styles ooze off the silver screen. From the pulpy Quentin Tarantino to the highminded pretentiousness of Christopher Nolan, Hollywood is never short on unique talent. One of these filmmakers with a particularly noteworthy style is that of writer/director Wes Anderson. The filmmaker first hit it big with film junkies in 1996’s Bottle Rocket, gained a bit more notoriety with Rushmore, and officially hit a new level with 2001’s The Royal Tenenbaums.

Despite the minor speed bump that was The Darjeeling Limited, Anderson went on to create such great films as Fantastic Mr. Fox (his first animated picture) and Moonrise Kingdom. Perhaps his crowning achievement thus far, however, is 2014’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, a heartfelt magical spectacle that was nominated for for nine Academy Awards, and went on to win four, including Best Costume, Best Makeup, Best Score, and Best Production Design.

We’re nearing 2017, and it’s been over two years since we’ve had one of his films, with the next slated for 2018 — which could mean as soon as a year and a half, and as far away as two years. While we’re sure it’ll be a movie that’s well worth the wait (it’ll be his second animated films — this time about dogs), we know there are some fans who are quite the impatient bunch. While we can’t give you his next feature any sooner, we know that Anderson recently teamed up with the clothing company H&M to give audiences “Come Together,” a short film that doubles as a Christmas ad.

Check it out below!

As you were able to see, the ad itself was, without a doubt, brimming with Anderson’s trademark style. Admittedly, while the majority of the film was pretty great, I was thrown off by the abrupt nature of its ending, as if it realized it was supposed to be an ad. Regardless, I’m sure this short will encourage fans to revisit his filmography in the meantime as we impatiently wait for the filmmaker’s next opus.

What did you think of this short, and what’s your favorite Wes Anderson flick? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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