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The Falcon Ad The Winter Soldier

Today I watched the first Episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier – New World Order. So let’s chat about that in this week’s Free Talk Friday shall we. I’ll say up front that I’ll get into some Spoilers, so if you want to know what I thought (for some reason) without spoilers here it is.

I really enjoyed New World Order. In fact, the only annoying thing was that it ends. I really felt like I was watching the start of any Marvel movie. However, because things are not quite as rushed as they’d be in a movie, we get to spend some quality time with our leads. So far so good. But, I just wanted to keep going.

Now before I go any further, if you’ve not watched New World Order yet, either come back later, or carry on, it’s your call?

SPOILERS For The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 1 Below




The show begins with a pretty neat action sequence. Same is back working with the Air Force and they need him and his Stark tech to pull of a complicated op. However, whilst we know Batroc will probably be back later, that’s not really where this show is going.

So far we have spent some time getting to know Sam and Bucky and what they have been doing since coming back from the Blip. Sam is trying to help his Sister get back on her feet, but no one want’s to help. All people seem to want is to be seen with an Avenger. Sam also presides over a monument to Steve Rogers, and the shield itself, given to Sam by Steve is on display. Clearly Sam knows what Steve intended, but doesn’t feel like he can be Captain America. However, Sam is not out the game and has his eyes on an organization calling themselves Flag Smashers. More on those guys in the coming weeks, because right now we simply don’t know enough.

Bucky Barnes

Bucky is having a different time to Sam, and wakes up having nightmares about his time as Winter Soldier. He has also attached himself to a old man who’s son Bucky killed back in his Winter Soldier days. He still feels the guilt and feels like he has to make up for it. Yep things are a struggle for Bucky now, and he seems to have almost no friends.

What I like here is that Sam and Bucky without Steve have clearly gone their separate ways. Sure, we know they are gonna form some kind of team, but that relationship needs to be built up. For now though, Bucky needs to be able to forgive himself for his past and that’s the tricky part.

Maybe as Bucky’s shrink alludes to, staying quiet and alone just isn’t for him. Maybe like Cap before him (to a point) Bucky needs someone to fight, a cause to work for?

Speculation Time

Honestly my thoughts on where this show is going have not changed after watching New World Order. I still think Super Soldier Serum is going to be a big MacGuffin. It seems obvious that whatever has been done to John Walker, aka the new Captain America has given him super abilities. We only get a small reveal of Walker here, but we’ve seen the trailers. However, the fact that the Flag Smasher incident showed how strong the masked attacker was, makes me think the genie has gone out the bottle a little. Plus, again, trailer wise we have seen that is not isolated case of super powers in this show.

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We know things are not going to go well for Walker, but exactly how that will come about who knows? We have seen some glimpses of what I’m sure will be Walker’s backstory, and I think he will have some demons in him. Oh, and of course, clearly there will be mystery character show up….again. Basically Mephisto using the body of a Skrull who is pretending to be Reed Richards, played by Al Pacino confirmed, right?

That’s about as far as I ever went with this show, so nothing has changed. I’m sure there is a lot more going on we don’t know, but it’s too early to get a read for now. You can check my uninformed thoughts in the related link from last week’s column above.

The Final Word

Really enjoyed what we have seen so far from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. This is more what I was expecting from Marvel’s Disney+ content. Though if WandaVision taught us anything, it’s that there is also room to push the boat out from time to time.

Remember to give Marvel Multiverse Mondays a listen to on, well, Monday. Nick, Kyle and whoever is guesting will be getting into the real nitty gritty of the show. What did you think of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 1: New World Order? As always leave any thoughts below.


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