– by Nick Doll

New concept art for Captain America: Civil War has surfaced, featuring a fight fans didn’t get to see in theaters: Giant-Man Vs. Captain America. It was shared on the Instragram of Marvel Studios visual department supervisor/concept artists Andy Park. Check it out now!

Looking at Park’s Instagram, he seems to be kind of a big deal over at Marvel, listing Thor: Ragnarok, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Captain Marvel as projects he has worked on. This account is also home to the alternate concept art of Wasp and Ant-Man, as well as some pretty cool Thor: Ragnarok promotional artwork.

Though this is from the epic airport battle from Civil War, we never saw this particular match-up of Cap Vs. Giant-Man. Park notes that in an early version of the script the two were not on the same side.

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This raises the question then, why would Scott Lang side with a Stark, after everything Hank Pym taught him? It seems to negate too much of what we learned about the characters in the original Ant-Man film, which is perhaps one of the reasons why the changed was made.

Would you have liked to have seen Captain America fight Giant-Man? Do you think Cap could have dropped him without help from Spider-Man, whose inclusion was likely another factor in adjusting the lineups of Team Iron Man and Team Captain America? Let us know in the comment section below!

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SOURCE: Andy Park (via Insagram)

  • Kronx

    I could easily see Scott siding with Stark.

    1) Hank hated Howard because he would probably weaponize the Ant Man. But Tony’s been very public about he’s decision to stop making weapons. (Except for his Iron Man suit, of course)

    2) Tony would probably recruit Scott to be an Avenger, which Scott would jump at in order to impress his daughter and hopefully make some legitimate money down the road.

    3) Protecting the world from unchecked power is what landed Scott in jail in the first place. Tony could remind Scott that the Avengers are basically unchecked without the Accords.

    4) By NOT siding with Tony, Scott risks being a criminal again and returning to jail. So he would be faced with the prospect of giving up Ant Man altogether.