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Yesterday, we learned that there will be a live action Nightwing film that will be directed by Chris McKay! So who is Chris McKay and why is this huge news? Outside of Robot Chicken, Morel Orel (funny if you remember the ’80ish Sunday morning Christian show), and — wait — that is about it, right? So what has he done? Oh yeah. The LEGO Batman Movie. He was able to combine all of the “negative & dark” elements of Batman and make him into a character that you originally love to hate, but finally are totally on-board with. Many are saying that The LEGO Batman is the best Batman ever featured on the big screen, including Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

At this point with all the back and forth of Affleck and the possibility of The Batman movie, I do not care what I hear, until I see a trailer. In fact, I am not convinced that the movie will ever be made. On some days Affleck wants out, on other days (like last night) he is stealing Nightwing’s thunder on Twitter. So when I get into the meat of this article, or the next piece I have coming up, a certain villain from a certain potentially upcoming Batman movie may show up as a Nightwing adversary. Just a heads-up for down the line. 

So, my friends, let us get into my (and a few readers) picks for the best person to play Nightwing. This must be started with the criteria:

  1. Age: 24-35 – I don’t want Robin and I don’t want Batman
  2. Comedy Experience: Moderate. Maybe none, but Nightwing can be funny and have great “one-liners” and “sendoffs.”
  3. Physyque: Ectomorph! And, from what I hear from Twitter, the ladies want a great arse on him.
  4. Martial Arts Ability: At least some, but I will take none, provided he has a good trainerand choreographer.

These are in no preference of order, or any type or rating system, and as much as I would like to include Joseph-Gordon Levitt…I will not be.

Zac Efron

(contributed by Weresmurf)

I laughed at this, until I slept on it. He is a good looking dude, peak physical shape, and can be very funny. He is 29 and was great in Neighbors, and maybe this is the acting gig that could turn him from a comedic actor into a superstar. He looks the part, and the women (and men) will love him. I think if he was given the part he would work night and day to prove that he is the next Brad Pitt.

Diego Luna

Ok, he is a little older than what I would like, and honestly he may make a better Batman. However, he looks very young and could fit the part. He proved his acting chops in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and if you’ve ever had a chance to see Y Tu Mamá También, you’d see he can do more than action. Honestly, I would much rather him be around the agewhen he played in that movie, but we aren’t gods, so that’s out of the question. Regardless, he’d be perfect for a role like this, and he may be one of my favorite choices for an older Nightwing.

Justin Cornwell

This guy is great in the new Training Day with Bill Paxton, he has the body style, action abilities, and is a dramatic actor. My only question would be if he could get the comedy down enough to make his Nightwing compelling.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Now we are getting to perhaps my favorite pick. Have you seen Nocturnal Animals? Go, now, watch it. This guy was AMAZING in that movie, and If Michael Shannon didn’t do so well, he may have picked up a Best Supporting Actor nomination. Taylor-Johnson is best know for playing, well, Kick-Ass in Kick-Ass, so he has the uncomfortable, subtle comedy down and has martial arts experience. He is a good looking dude, and I think this may be the best bet.

Alden Ehrenreich

My second favorite pick. Many know that he will be playing the new, younger, Han Solo. However, I really enjoyed him in a movie that was not well received by critics; Hail, Caesar!. I loved this film, and it showed Ehrenreich’s physical skills along with his dark humor. He looks the part, and this may be the actual true pick for Dick Grayson.

Well, Whew, that took longer than I expected. I wanted to really get my picks optimal here, and now I move on to the villains that Nightwing may be up against! How do you guys feel about my picks? Any more ideas out there? Let’s hear from ya!

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