– by Campbell Clark

The wait is over finally for a first official glimpse of the long awaited Nintendo Switch Lite. You can catch the official Nintendo trailer announcement above and the release date is stated as September 20th this year, though, no price point as yet.

The success of the Nintendo Switch has spawned this smaller and presumably cheaper version of the popular console. The Switch Lite is completely handheld and cannot be connected to a TV like its older sibling. The Joy-Con controllers are permanently attached to the console itself to make it easier and more robust to transport. For games that require motion control from the Switch Joy-Cons you will require to purchase additional separate Joy-Con controllers.

The Nintendo Switch Lite comes in three different colors initially, yellow, blue and grey, you can see these in the trailer along with the thumbnail for this article. The trailer also makes it clear that this console will only support games that are made to be handheld compatible and also advises consumers of how to check for this. The good news is that the vast majority of Nintendo Switch games are handheld compatible, though this would need to be checked on a game by game basis.

All in all I feel like this device is not really designed for current Switch owners, because that handheld capability is a fundamental part of the consoles draw. Instead Nintendo will surely be looking to attract fans that want this for purely handheld purposes and that night be attracted by the lower price (again, we do not have those price details yet).

Personally, there is a part of me that’s been wanting a Switch for some time, however, I don’t think the Switch Lite would work for me. If I did have a Switch, yes, I’d mostly play it on the go and likely my playtime would be limited, but I also like the idea of being able to plug it into the TV and play with my kids when I want to. I feel like if I could afford the Lite, I’d be better just saving a little more and getting the full Switch, but that’s just me.

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What do you think of the Nintendo Switch Lite reveal trailer, any Switch owners who would buy this, any non-Switch owners who would be tempted? Sound off in the usual spot down below.

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