Skyscraper: Noah Taylor and McKenna Roberts On Stunts and Dwayne Johnson [Exclusive Interview]

Skyscraper is the Towering Inferno and Die Hard of this generation.

This weekend, Dwayne Johnson is tackling his next impossible daring feat by saving his family in a 200-plus skyscraper that is on fire while battling unknown armed assailants. To up that challenge, his character is doing all of this only with one leg.

The film also stars Neve Campbell, Pablo Schreiber, Noah Taylor and McKenna Roberts.

LRM had an exclusive phone interview with child actors Noah Taylor and McKenna Roberts, who play the children to Will Sawyer. We talked mainly about their stunts, CGI and their on-screen parents played by Dwayne Johnson and Neve Campbell.

Skyscraper is playing in theaters nationwide today.

Read our interview transcript below.

LRM: Tell me on what the audition process was like for either of you two.

Noah Taylor: We sent in our audition tapes. A week later, they called us. We went to LA for the main audition. There was six boys and a bunch of girls. Maybe two or three weeks later, they called us back to LA to meet Dwayne [Johnson] and the producers. Finally that day, I was on an airplane and they told me I got the job.

McKenna Roberts: For me, we drove down there for all the auditions. We did some call backs. After we went back home, we came back for a director session. There was like six boys and six girls there. They narrowed it down. Two weeks later, we were brought in to meet with the producers and Dwayne. Yeah!

LRM: For the both of you, did you both knew about this movie that you were auditioning for with Dwayne Johnson?

Noah Taylor: I did know that. I knew that the audition was with Johnson and [Neve] Campbell. I remembered mom telling me one day she was like wanted to meet Dwayne Johnson and Neve Campbell. I am like a big, big DJ fan.

LRM: What was your impression when you finally met Dwayne Johnson? What was he all that you expected him to be? Or was it a complete surprise?

McKenna Roberts: When he came into the room. He was very tall. Very tall. He was very nice. He was welcoming to the cast. He says things that are really funny. Very funny.

LRM: Both of you had different types of stunts that you had to perform through the movie. Was it difficult? How was it to act through these stunts?

McKenna Roberts: Yeah, it was very difficult. I love doing stunts. I do gymnastics. I had to run around everywhere. We have a trampoline. I love doing my stunts.

Noah Taylor: For me, I love a lot of physical activity. I love the acting that goes along with the physical things.

LRM: Noah, you had an important scene with Neve Campbell who plays your a mom in the movie. How was that important stunt scene that you had to cross the bridge? How was that like?

Noah Taylor: That was probably one of my favorite scenes that I’ve filmed. It’s because it had to do with a lot of stunts. It took maybe four days or five days to film in a week. I just really enjoyed that [sequence].

LRM: [Laughs] Did she actually lifted you on to her back or did some kind of special stunt work to get that scene to work?

Noah Taylor: There was some stunt work. I actually did get on her back. There were harnesses that lifted me up to be higher. So she didn’t have so much strain on your back. But that whole time, I was actually on her back.

LRM: Wow. That’s awesome. And Mckenna, for you had a very good stunt scene in…..what do they call that room? That like a mirror ballroom? What was that like?

McKenna Roberts: Oh! That was very difficult, became the mirrors weren’t actually there. So you just had like imagine on who’s there and who’s behind you. It was very difficult and challenging.

LRM: Throughout this entire movie, it looks like there was a lot of CGI, because obviously you weren’t in a large skyscraper. How was it acting in a CGI setting?

Noah Taylor: Well, that was the first time doing real CGI. It’s kind of difficult. You have to imagine where things are. There’s an explosion right there! Now you have to jump. Then you keep running. It’s just weird.

McKenna Roberts: Yeah.

LRM: Is this the first action movie for the both of you?

Noah Taylor: Yeah.

McKenna Roberts: It is.

Noah Taylor: Actually, it’s our first movie too.

LRM: Oh, wow! That’s pretty awesome. What would you like to do this again? Like another action movie like this?

Noah Taylor: Yeah.

McKenna Roberts: Yes, definitely.

LRM: One of the things that a lot of people don’t know is this movie is based in Hong Kong, but it was not filmed in Hong Kong. Am I correct?

Noah Taylor: Yes. Yes.

LRM: Tell me on where it was filmed. How was that production?

Noah Taylor: It was filmed in Vancouver, Canada. We just went got back from our tour and now we understand like why is based in Hong Kong. There are a lot of skyscrapers and it’s a beautiful city. The architecturals are there. The buildings are crazy. They know how to build.

LRM: Wow, that’s quite impressive. So did you both find, you both said that you finally went to Hong Kong yourself? How did you love that city?

McKenna Roberts: I loved it. Everybody was so welcoming. They’re also nice. There are all those big tall buildings and stuff like that. There are all those beautiful views.

LRM: I have one more question then. Who does Dwayne Johnson loved more out of you two?

Noah Taylor: Definitely me.

McKenna Taylor: No! Definitely me.

Noah Taylor: Okay. [Laughs]

LRM: I’m just kidding That’s okay. You didn’t really have to answer that, but I really appreciate this telephone conversation. Hey, and good luck this weekend. I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see your movie.

Noah Taylor: Thank you. Nice meeting you.

McKenna Roberts: Nice meeting you too.

Source: LRM Online Exclusive

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