Obi-Wan Thought Vader Was Dead Confirms Kenobi Director

Obi-Wan Thought Vader Was Dead Confirms Kenobi Director

Obi-Wan Kenobi director Debora Chow confirms that Obi-Wan thought Vader was dead after Revenge of the Sith. It’s always something that has annoyed Star Wars fans. Kenobi beats Vader and then just walks away leaving him helpless. He could have finished the job, which would have been perhaps kinder? Although, we all know Vader HAD to survive for the original trilogy movies.

It could have been planned a little better, but my head canon was always that when push came to shove, Kenobi couldn’t finish the job, and thus failed in his mission. Though, unbeknownst to him, letting Vader live would eventually be what destroys the Sith. Well, my head canon was wrong. Debora Chow says that Obi-Wan actually believed Vader to be dead this whole time.

Chow explained where we find Obi-Wan in the upcoming show to EW recently.

“At this point, both for him and for the galaxy, it’s quite a dark period. And that actually made it really interesting to be telling a story in this period. It’s a time when the Empire’s ascending, it’s post Order 66. So most of the Jedi have been killed. A lot of them are being hunted by the Inquisitors. So it’s a very dark time to be a Jedi and most of them are hiding or dead. For him at this point 10 years later, we’re dealing with post Order 66 after Anakin, who he believes he killed, and then all his friends — everybody sort of gone or hiding. So it’s a tough period for Obi-Wan.”

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That is quite a major revelation for a fan like me, and old school fan. I guess the last thing Kenobi saw was Anakin bursting into flames, but I never once got the impression he had come back and told Yoda that Anakin was dead. They both seemed to know he was still alive if that makes sense, just by how the scenes were shot.

What this does do though is seriously adds to the drama of Obi-Wan Kenobi. It sounds like we begin with Kenobi feeling guilty about killing his friend and then he finds out Vader is alive and some monstrous creature he no longer recognizes. What I will say, is that this makes more sense when Kenobi seems to understand exactly who and what Vader is immediately in A New Hope. If that was the first time Kenobi had seen Vader since Mustafar, he may be more shocked by what he saw?

What do you think about the confirmation that Obi-Wan thought Vader was dead this whole time? As always, leave your thoughts below or over on Discord about Kenobi director Debora Chow’s comments.

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