– by Stephon White

At home versus in the theatre. Which is the better experience? According to A Quiet Place producer, Andrew Form, the former may be the best way to watch his movie.

You’re in a theater [versus] you’re at home, and… did you hear a noise in your house? You look over. When I was a kid, I hated watching scary movies by yourself – then you have to go to bed! In the theater it’s a movie, and you get to go home, you drive your car home, and you get to talk about it. But when you’re home alone watching a movie, it’s different.

Though I didn’t get to see A Quiet Place during its theatrical run, I can attest to the dread of watching it at home, at night, in the dark. I picked up a copy of the DVD and watched it last night. What did I think? I was engrossed in the film’s atmosphere. So much so that I found myself listening a little harder to the sounds outside my house. Even going so far as to thinking I caught a glimpse of something shifting in one darkened area of my yard.

Just imagine. It’s all quiet, and your eyeballs are glued to the TV. Your ears are intently listening. Slight spoiler alert. The film has minimal dialogue. The point is the monsters are attracted to sound, therefore the characters survival hinges on their ability to make as little as possible. So, there were times while I was watching it when the noises outside were oddly melding into the experience of watching the film. Scary stuff.

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