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No doubt about it, DC and Warner Bros. were facing an uphill battle from the get-go when they decided to fully commit to the DC Extended Universe. They were not only following Marvel’s lead, but they were doing so several years behind them. So they didn’t have the luxury to take their time and play it film by film, as Marvel had. They needed to get this universe going — and going quickly.

In order to expedite this universe, they enacted a very interesting method of screenwriting. Rather than commit to a single vision and move forward with that, they instead hired multiple writers from each of their projects. Then, they’d take the best bits and pieces from each screenplay and combine it into one MASTER SCREENPLAY. We’ve discussed this interesting writing method before on the LOS FANBOYS PODCAST, wherein Mario criticized them for this method, and I just shrugged my shoulders and figured I’d let it play out before I judged it.

In an interesting turn of events, it sounds like writer Will Beall (who penned the script for GANGSTER SQUAD) will be returning for the re-write phase of the script, except it won’t be to combine the scripts he, Kurt Johnstad, and David Leslie Johnson have been working on separately. According to THR, Beall will be working off a treatment from director James Wan and co-Head of DC Films Geoff Johns.

So in essence, they’re starting over again, at least from a script standpoint.

Given this strategy, it was only a matter of time before something like this, especially given the lukewarm-to-negative reception to BATMAN v SUPERMAN. Ever since that film didn’t make expectations, DC has had to pivot quickly to ensure they don’t repeat the mistakes that film made. That seems to be a likely reason for this sudden change, but that’s all speculation on my part.

Is this a reason to worry? I don’t think so yet. The film is still over two years away from its release, and as such, they still have a good year or so before they even need to begin principal photography. So there is still plenty of time to make these mistakes. The key here is that they recognize these missteps early on and work to correct them at the scripting stage. As we’re still in the scripting stage, I’d say we’re still in safe territory. After all, a big part of the creative process is the constant building up and tearing down of ideas, so it doesn’t really matter what’s happened in the development of a film, so long as the product is solid in the end.

What do you think? Does news of this rewrite concern you? Let us know in the comments down below!

AQUAMAN is set to hit theater on July 27, 2018.

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