– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Courtesy of Marvel

Courtesy of Marvel

Over the past couple years the X-Men comics have gone through major story lines and the team dismantled and reassembled in many forms. Since 2012 Marvel event Avengers vs. X-Men comic sales for this beloved franchise went on a decline.  Majority of fans believed that Marvel Studios wanted the series to do poorly and fans to forget about the X-Men so the Fox would give up rights to the movie franchise.  Although that was speculation the plan never worked since Fox was successful with Days of Future Past and Apocalypse.  Slowly over the past year Marvel Comics has righted the ship by bringing in favorites like Old Man Logan, X-23, Young Cyclops, and Kitty Pryde back into the main stream X-Men universe.  Marvel Comics has made 2017 the RessurXion of the X-Men universe.  With the team Marvel has assembled to steer these new series, lets hope that the X-Men comics can get back to its glory days of being one of the top pick-ups each month.

The RessurXion begins here! In the wake of Inhumans vs. X-Men, the Children of the Atom pick up the pieces and charge headlong into tomorrow! And it’s all kicking off in March’s can’t-miss X-MEN PRIME #1! Featuring a collection of blockbuster creators, the next chapter of the X-Men’s saga begins in this over-sized one-shot! Xavier’s dream comes full circle as creators Marc Guggenheim and Ken Lashley give fans a taste of what awaits them in X-MEN GOLD. As Kitty Pryde returns home after a long absence, the student becomes the teacher as she readies herself to lead the X-Men for the first time! Then X-MEN BLUE scribe Cullen Bunn teams with artist Leonard Kirk to take the X-Men Blue team into the Danger Room – with shocking results! Finally, Greg Pak and Ibraim Roberson re-open the WEAPON X program! What secrets lie within, and why are the world’s deadliest mutants being targeted? The kickoff to the must-read X-Men titles of the spring begins on March 29th in X-MEN PRIME #1!




Venomized Variant by KRIS ANKA 

Variant Cover by JOHN CASSADAY

Classic Variant by WHILCE PORTACIO

Connecting Variant by ELIZABETH TORQUE 

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