– by Seth McDonald

It looks as if the Autobots aren’t going to be rolling out anymore, at least not as a group. While fans are still going to be getting the Bumblebee solo film, which is due to be released this December, according to Variety, Paramount has removed a planned sequel to last year’s Transformers: The Last Knight from its 2019 slate.

The question is, is Paramount done with the Transformers franchise, or are they simply regrouping and planning a fresh start within the next few years? The franchise hasn’t been well accepted for some time, even the original film, which is probably the most well-liked, is only at 57 percent on RottenTomatoes, while the most recent entry into the franchise, Transformers: The Last Knight, sits at a dismal 16 percent.

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I grew up watching the 80s Transformers cartoon, and I have enjoyed the movies. They aren’t brilliantly thought out films, but as I’ve said before, you have to know what you’re getting going in. The films are entertaining and for the most part, enjoyable. A rumor from earlier this year posed the idea that Paramount would reboot the franchise after The Last Knight, and that option seems more likely to me than stopping the franchise altogether.

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Source: Variety (via CBM)