– by Seth McDonald

A clever new Justice League parody video from the youtube channel Funny or Die shows Ben Affleck’s Batman once again assembling a team of superheroes, more specifically the B team. Using clips of the Justice League trailers paired with scenes from some really bad superhero movies, the trailer pulls off a hilarious mashup.

It seems the Caped Crusader has been abandoned by his usual team members as the video shows Batman on a quest to find some new associates. Batman is assembling a new team of, well, individuals, and ducks to help him protect earth. While some of the new team members may have some potential, most of them would be considered second tier at best.

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Heroes from the Shaquille O’Neal movie, Steel, Blankman, starring Damon Wayans, Howard the Duck, and what I think is Pamela Anderson’s Barb Wire, are featured prominently in the video, and at the end a series of quick clips show other known characters that may be considered B level heroes such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spy Kids, Mario and Luigi, The Mask, a Power Ranger, Jaden Smith’s Karate Kid and best of all, Underdog!

I enjoyed the video as I am a fan of the recut trailer genre as well as franchise mashups.

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Source: Funny or Die