– by Seth McDonald

Not everyone is down on the DC Extended Universe, while many fans continue to criticize decisions made by the studio, Patty Jenkins, has a much more optimistic view of the shared universe she helped bring to its feet. Jenkins is responsible for DC’s biggest hit to date in Wonder Woman (or at least the most universally-praised hit). If DC has any smarts about them they will inquire as to what Jenkins did differently to make the film a hit, and try to learn the best they can from her. The director recently spoke with the Toronto Sun, and was asked her thoughts on the DCEU.

“There are a lot of great filmmakers around the DC universe and there are a lot of great characters. My favorite thing about the DC universe is some of these characters have been the greatest, most original superheroes for decades. I think there’s just exciting things to be done with them ahead and lots of different people that I’m excited about seeing. All of us are very different and we’re all going to do different things. So I can’t wait to see the variety, personally.”

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DC does have a lot of potential, and this potential has always been there, it’s in the execution of the stories and characters where DC is severely lacking. Their formula hasn’t come close to working in the same capacity as Marvel’s has. Having more variety within an extended universe or even a universe comprised of stand alone and unrelated films would certainly separate them from their main competitor and current champion of the genre, Marvel. Marvel has a set formula with their films and while directors are allowed small freedoms, it is difficult for one to put their unique stamp on a film. Variety seems like a good direction for DC to move forward, with the recent announcement of an all new stand-alone film banner, there are thoughts that DC will allow writers and directors a greater amount of freedom than Marvel does, and thus producing unique and interesting takes on beloved characters.

Justice League will be the first film for DC since the success of Wonder Woman, and fans will use the film to gauge the stability of the universe. Seeing if anything was learned from the success of  Jenkins and Wonder Woman. While DC has plans to continue regardless of the success Justice League, I think the movie will weigh heavily on fans future theater outings for DC movies. I, like Jenkins, am pretty optimistic about the DCEU, I really hope the view of the studio shifts after Justice League.

Does Jenkins comments make you more optimistic about the DCEU? Let us know in the comments down below!

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 Source: Toronto Sun

  • Kindofabigdeal

    Well she has had the most success out of all of the other film makers so the studio is probably courting her to be their ambassador.

  • Duck O’Death

    So far she’s the only director who’s nailed the tone and maintained it for an entire film

    • TheOct8pus

      ….except for the last 10 minutes where it became a “final-boss battle” CGI fest…

  • Moby85

    Jenkins could end up as creative director of the DCU at some point. Especially if she hits a second home run and it’s just a walk-off. For you non-baseball people, that means she hit a home run film with no other players on base…My analogy meaning her 2nd film kills it while the other films spin tires, IE. current state of the DCU.

    Ironically I don’t think DC has casted poorly in general. I think Batfleck was well-received, Gadot of course, Flash looks good to me at least. I’m higher on Harley Quinn, Joker, and Deadshot than many people seem to be.

    But it’s clearly a case of having some tools and a crappy toolbox at the moment.