– by Campbell Clark

Spider-Man: Far From Home is already the biggest Spider-Man movie of all time and Sony’s biggest ever movie to boot. Last weekend it had some extra footage ion theaters, though, as far as I know, this was US-only, as I saw it again on Saturday in the UK and it was no different (that’s not why I was there to see it.)

The teaser above serves to promote and additional short that will be making its way on the Blu-ray when it releases. We must assume the home release will also feature the extra extended footage shown in theaters, but this appears to be one of short filmed specifically for home release.

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Spider-Man: Far From Home hits digital release on September 17th and Blu-ray on October 1st. Well in the US anyway, we only got Endgame on Blu-ray over here less than a week ago? I will definitely be picking it up, even if I do have to wait a little longer than those of you Stateside.

So far I have collected all MCU movies in Blu-ray though from Endgame onwards I plan to get the movies in 4K instead. Perhaps when Disney + ends up being released over my neck of the woods I will definitely consider stopping the collection, but who knows when that might be?

What do you think of this new short, is this a cool feature that makes you want to go out and get this digitally or physically when it hits soon? Share your thoughts in the usual spot below.

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