– by Seth McDonald


In the days where a movie is measured by the money it brings in at the box office, it is nice to know some studios still care about the art of storytelling. According to Diane Feinberg, who was the director of photography for lighting on the upcoming film Coco, that studio is Pixar.

“I can’t speak for any other studios, I’ve only ever been at Pixar forever. I think Pixar prioritizes story over everything, including money. If there’s a story change we want to late in the game, where we’re going to cut sequences that have already been lit, which that’s an expensive thing to do, it’s taken months to get them done, they’ll do it because if it makes a better story than half what they’re going to do. I think that is a pretty rare thing.“

This really is refreshing to hear, Pixar does seem to be picky with the stories they choose to tell. Some of my favorite movies are Pixar movies. While most studios do put profits first, a studio’s concentration of profits isn’t all about greed, they have to be profitable to keep bringing us the movies we love. It is finding a balance in dedication to the art and maintaining a successful business that must be achieved. I am inclined to believe that Pixar, at the very least, does focus on story over profits, more than the average studio.

I think Pixar’s latest film Coco, is going to be their next giant hit, the way it was put together is just fantastic, the lighting is amazing, and our very own Joseph Jammer Medina even called it the most heartfelt Pixar film since Toy Story 3. The colors in the film make it truly beautiful, and rival or are even better than the gorgeous underwater world of Nemo.

Will you be checking out Coco when it comes to theaters? Let us know in the comments down below!

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