– by Kyle Malone

We are less than 60 days from the release of Shazam and we’ve still seen very little of this movie. There have been a couple of trailers and a glorified extended TV spot that share several scenes. However, thanks to some leaks from test screeners, provided by the YouTube channel Comic Book Nostalgia, we have some possible plot details about this movie. These are UNCONFIRMED, but worth reporting on based on similarities to the comic book material and earlier rumors. If you don’t want this movie spoiled for you, stop reading here.









We’ll start with the story of Billy, the main character and hero of this film. He lost his mother at a carnival at a very young age and has been trying to live on his own to search for her. He has runaway from multiple foster homes when he gets placed with the family Freddy, the disabled kid in the trailers, belongs to. We know he fights some bullies before running off and hoping onto a subway that is hijacked by the Wizard Shazam who has chosen Billy to take his powers as champion. Freddy and Billy discover the powers of Shazam together and use his powers to fight some small level bad guys. Of course they film everything creating a social media craze about the new superhero.

The leaks state that Sivana was brought to Shazam as a child to see if he was worthy to be champion and he wasn’t. He becomes corrupted by the Seven Deadly Sins and seeks out the Rock of Eternity (where The Wizard chills out at) and other unworthy. He eventually tracks down the Wizard, steals his staff, and releases the sins. Dr. Sivana also wants to steal Billy’s powers and defeats billy in an early encounter. Sivana finds out who Billy is and kidnaps the other foster kids. At a carnival fight, billy steals the Wizard’s staff back, frees the other kids, and grants them powers. Temporarily turning them into the Shazam Family. The Sins and Sivana are defeated. Yaaayyy!

That covers the general plot leaks, but now we can talk about the Easter eggs. In a flashback scene to Sivana’s trip to the Rock of Eternity there is a glass case with a character called Mr. Mind. Apparently this case is broken and the character has escaped when Billy goes to meet the Wizard. There’s also a room with many doors that open to other dimensions which is apparently a nod to the 2016 DC Rebirth event. Maybe this is how we get to the multiverse instead of using the Flash.

How about cameos? Well there was always the rumored Superman cameo, which apparently does happen towards the end when Freddy brings Billy, as Shazam, to school to show that he really knows the hero. He then states that he has brought another friend who turns out to be superman. The leakers state you never see the face and that the voice does not sound like Henry Cavil. We also get to see a hologram of Black Adam in the Rock of Eternity. This happens when the Wizard tells billy about a champion that failed him in the past. Again we never see the face, or at least not the face of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. So… two cameos without the actors. Does this lead credit to the rumor that Cavil is done being Supes?

Well there you have it folks. No need to go see the movie now right? Nah, I am still interested enough in the execution that even if all of this is real, I think the movie can still be enjoyable.

What do you all think about these leaks? Are you upset that there’s changes to the villain or that they’re using the New 52 stories? Do you plan to see this movie? Let us know in the comments Below!


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Kyle is a business school graduate who loves movies, comics, and video games. He shares his passions with his wife and is raising a next generation geek.