– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Fans have a way with running with some pretty highbrow rumors for upcoming films. If there is the merest hint of an event or twist shown in the trailers or advertising, rest assured that some eagle-eyed fan will find it and make his findings known to the rest of fandom. This happened with the upcoming Power Rangers movie, when it was rumored that Rita Repulsa would, in fact be a former Green Ranger gone rogue, and that Zordon was a former Red Ranger.

While the rumor was never officially confirmed, it was given some credence by a report from TheWrap back in December. By this point, those details are pretty much considered as a part of the story. 

However, if there were any further doubts in your pretty little head, prepare to have them put to rest.

Andrew Gray, the actor who played Troy the Red Ranger in 2013’s Power Rangers Megaforce TV show, recently threw up an interesting pair of Instagram posts. The first photo shows him holding the memoirs of co-star Bryan Cranston (who plays Zordon) in his hand. The next image shows the inside of the hardcover, and on the first page is an inscription from Cranston himself that reads:

“To Andrew, Happy Birthday! To a Power Ranger, from a Power Ranger. Be well. 

– Bryan Cranston, 2017”

The post has since been deleted from the account, and that only seems to add to its credibility. Luckily for us, the folks over at Power Rangers Now were able to capture the it before it disappeared.

This inscription from Cranston himself seems to confirm that Zordon was, as originally rumored, indeed the Red Ranger at one point. If this part of the rumor is confirmed to be true, then it would follow suit that the aspect of Rita Repulsa being a former Green Ranger would also be true.

We here at LRM have expressed or love of this backstory, and can’t wait to see it all happen on screen. While this still isn’t quite the confirmation one would expect, we’d be surprised if everyone’s favorite rumor wasn’t a fact.

What do you think? Were you ever a fan of this rumor, and are you happy now that it seems to be confirmed? Sound of down below.

Power Rangers hits theaters on March 24, 2017!

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SOURCE: Power Rangers Now, TheWrap

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