– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Fox is working on a new reboot of Predator, as you know. They’ve hired actor-writer-director Shane Black to helm the project, and just yesterday it was reported that the project bears the goofy codename Ollie. Today there’s more news, and it’s far more interesting than that codename. For a time, Benicio Del Toro was in talks to star in the film- which is rumored to be called The Predator when it arrives in theaters- but now it’s come to pass that he has walked away from the negotiations. So who is Fox looking at now that the Sicario star has departed? A star from another project about drug cartels, Narcos.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, in the wake of Del Toro opting out of the starring role, Black and the producers are now courting one of the stars of Netflix’s Narcos, Boyd Holbrook.

THR also says that Fox is aware of the fact that Holbrook is not a large enough star to anchor The Predator with, so what they’re doing as a counter-measure is they’re going to surround him with bigger stars. As of this morning, there were no specifics on who the studio was courting, but apparently the supporting cast is going to get an upgrade now that they don’t have to worry about Del Toro’s salary. 

That’s not to say Holbrook is a slouch, as he has already appeared in hit films like Gone GirlMorgan, and the upcoming X-Men spinoff Logan. What’s notable there is that those are all Fox films, so it’s pretty clear that someone within the studio is quite high on Holbrook. Maybe The Predator will the 35 year-old’s big break?

Personally, I had no problem with Robert Rodriguez’s Predators, and thought that film would work just as well for a series relaunch. That said, I do think it’s cool to see Shane Black have a bit of a homecoming, since he appeared as an actor in the first Predator. And I do trust the guy who worked with Richard Donner on the Lethal Weapon movies to come up with a kickass Predator flick that puts a fresh spin on an 80s classic. 

Anyway, how many of you out there are psyched for another attempt to relaunch The Predator?


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