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Image via 20th Century Fox

Image via 20th Century Fox

Well, we can put an end to all the fan-casting that’s been going on the past month or so, as 20th Century Fox has officially hired John Wick co-director David Leitch to helm Deadpool 2, THR reports.

This news comes weeks after it was officially announced that Deadpool director Tim Miller had stepped aside from the project due to creative differences with its star and producer, Ryan Reynolds. This, of course, came as a shock to many of us fans who figured that the pair had gotten along well during the making of the original film. After all, there’s no way that a film could end up as good as it did if they hadn’t, right?

Turns out we were all wrong, and despite the pair being on cloud nine during the release of Deadpool back in February, once they’d gotten back to work, it makes sense that any bad blood or antagonism they had towards one another would come out. It’s because of this, along with their fundamental difference in where to take the story next, that Miller departed the project.

Many sites, including us, went through the process of figuring out who would be a good fit for the project, and not long after Miller left, there were rumors of David Leitch taking over. While John Wick’s other director, Chad Stahelski had stayed on board for John Wick 2, Leitch opted only to work on the film as producer. When the director’s chair for Deadpool 2 opened up, many fans were grateful, as it seemed like a perfect fit, and boy do we here at LRM agree.

No doubt about it, Ryan Reynolds knows the Deadpool character better than just about anyone, and when it comes to him, the humor, and tone, we can hope that he and writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese will have the script in the bag. What they need out of the director is a way to bring that vision to life in a fun, action-heavy way. Of course, Leitch will also be giving his vision, but there’s a hope that before hiring him, he and Reynolds had a sit-down, and realized that their visions were so in line that they wouldn’t conflict.

All in all, it was a shame to see Miller go — he brought a style to Deadpool that can’t be denied — but we’re optimistic that Leitch will make a worthy replacement.

That wasn’t all the report said. It also stated that the studio was in the process of putting Deadpool 3 into motion. With Deadpool 2 already setting the precedent of utilizing different directorial talent, they’re already planning to hire a different director for that film. So, anyone hoping to have a consistent vision going forward, it sounds like it’ll only be wishful thinking. When all said and done, this seems to be Ryan Reynolds’ game, for better or worse.

What are your thoughts? Are you happy to see Leitch take on Deadpool 2? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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