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Remember when reports surfaced earlier this week that we may have been given a Joker-tease in a recent preview for the Fox TV series “Gotham”? As it turns out, the reports were accurate, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. 

Bleeding Cool’s sources are confirming that the image of the stand-up comedian, played by Jon Beavers, from the pilot was indeed a deliberate tease. However, it’s part of an overall campaign that will see multiple possible Jokers show up on the series. Essentially, we could be getting a different candidate for “future Joker of this universe” every episode. From meeting guys with big, devilish grins, to seeing really talented card sharks, encountering clowns, and catching glimpses of a particular flower salesmen, the producers want to keep Easter Egg-savvy fans on their toes, wondering, “Could that be him?

What do you think, Cool Kids? A fun little mystery for fans to solve, or an annoying distraction? 

SOURCE: Bleeding Cool