– by Mark Cook

Prison Break is back with an all new episode.  Will Michael and company make it out of the country?  Will we find out more about the mysterious Poseidon?  Read on to find out the top takeaways from this week’s episode, “Phaecia”:

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Michael and the Team Have to Improvise — We have rarely seen Michael in a situation that has him out of contingency plans.  His original plans have rarely worked the first time, but he has always had back-ups.  Michael is truly in a position where he will have to figure it out as he goes.  Each time he gets through one issue, another one presents itself.  He sacrificed himself (yet again) in order for the others to hopefully get out of Yemen.  As he was driving the decoy car he stated, “Now how am I going to get out of this?”  It was interesting to see Michael seem worried.  This is a trait we hadn’t seen in previous seasons, which humanized him even more. Will his intelligence carry him through?  Of course!  It still adds to the suspense.

Is Jacob Ness Poseidon? — We can clearly tell that he is involved somehow, but might he actually be Poseidon?  He could be covering as an operative in the field, yet actually be the main guy.  He did have $50,000, and a tracker, on hand.  Also, this could explain why he married Sara in the first place, in order to stay close to her so that she would never know Michael was alive while also using that as leverage against Scofield.  That could also explain why Poseidon’s operatives tried to kill Linc once he knew Michael was alive, yet they did little more than scare Sara, and shoot Jacob in the leg.

21 Void — This is what Kellerman was looking into before he was killed.  His replacement, who looks to be an operative for Poseidon, claims Kellerman didn’t have much of anything on the mysterious 21 Void.  Could this be Poseidon’s plans?  I think it has evidence, which could lead to revealing Poseidon’s identity, which is why the operative told his superior that there wasn’t anything in the files.  He is trying to get rid of the evidence.

Hand Tattoos — Michael clearly got more tattoos in order to help him in his grand scheme. What do they mean?  In Season 1 his tattoos were the blueprints to Fox River.  He had an unidentified person take a screen shot of the palms of his hands, which clearly have eyes on them.  What could they mean?  Who was the Elvis impersonator that he was speaking to? Why?  

There are still numerous questions that need to be answered, but the main thing that Prison Break was missing this episode was a shocking reveal, or twist. The show is known for its reveals, and I was excited when the Poseidon Operatives were at the door of the mansion only to find out that it was an Elvis impersonator.  That was fine, but created more questions rather than a surprising reveal.  My friends and I were taking guesses as to who it may be, yet we were all way off. There really wasn’t that much to this episode.  Most of it took place with Michael and company driving across the desert in order to get out of Yemen.  As they escaped ISIL, they ended up near a body of water, yet due to Michael running as a decoy, he and Cyclops got in a fight ending in Cyclops losing his other eye, and Michael getting stabbed with metal with antifreeze on it leading to Michael needing immediate medical attention.  That was about it for this week, but next week looks to somehow reunite Michael and Sara, which should be interesting.  Hopefully we will get more answers next week as there wasn’t much revealed this week.

What’d you think of this week’s episode?  It wasn’t the best episode, but what does that leave for viewers next week?  Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

Prison Break returns next Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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