– by Seth McDonald

According to Variety, the Punisher panel at New York Comic-Con has been cancelled due to the tragic shooting that occurred in Las Vegas earlier this week. Netflix and Marvel addressed the decision in a joint statement:

“We are stunned and saddened by this week’s senseless act in Las Vegas. After careful consideration, Netflix and Marvel have decided it wouldn’t be appropriate for Marvel’s The Punisher to participate in New York Comic Con. Our thoughts continue to be with the victims and those affected by this tragedy.”

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What happened in Las Vegas was an awful, awful situation, and this is a smart and sympathetic move by Netflix and Marvel.  The Punisher is known for his love of firearms and his remarkable ability to use them, and from a business standpoint, this probably isn’t the best time to promote such things. The show was rumored to debut on October 7, however, Netflix did not respond to Variety’s request for comment.

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SOURCE: Variety

  • TheOct8pus

    Not surprising….

    I wonder if the show will get pushed back. If they were planning an October release, they haven’t made it public, so they can probably push it to November…or Christmas. Everybody loves a bloodbath at Christmas

    • Kindofabigdeal

      I’m hoping if they push it back it will be during Thanksgiving break so I have something to binge on my 4 day weekend.

      • TheOct8pus

        That would be one thing to give thanks for

  • Kindofabigdeal

    Good for them. I just hope they don’t remove any content from the show itself. I think that Gangster Squad suffered in quality after Aurora. Just push it back until the grieving is done and let us get back to normal. Otherwise the real evil in the world wins.

  • jonathing

    gun control would have more impact than cancellation of comic con panel would .plus will marvel netflix cancel any product with a gun in it i think not

  • donzai

    the social justice warriors cannot have their feelings hurt so of course marvel scrapped it.