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Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has always been one to shake things up a bit when it came to his movies. With “Reservoir Dogs” he made a heist film where we never saw the heist; with “Pulp Fiction” he made what was basically an anthology of stories into a single film; with “Kill Bill,” he managed to convince the studio to let him keep all nearly four hours of content, and to just split it up into two parts. You can say many things about the man’s career, but you can’t really say it’s been a traditional Hollywood career. While Tarantino’s eighth film, “Hateful Eight,” is less than a month away from hitting theaters, a lot of people still can’t stop talking about his fourth film, “Kill Bill.”

Rumors of a “Kill Bill” sequel have been flying around since “Volume 1” of the film was released back in 2003. Ever since the Bride told Vernita Green’s daughter that she’d be waiting for her, fans have been speculating that a sequel was inevitable. In the past, Tarantino had expressed it as a possibility, but as time goes on, and the director’s career takes course, one still has to wonder if such a sequel is still possible. The director has yet to even touch a sequel to his movies, and at this point in his career, does Tarantino even want to revisit the world of “Kill Bill?” 

In a recent episode of What the Flick?!, Tarantino discussed whether or not he could see a sequel in his future:

“There definitely is a possibility. Stop short of saying a probability. But there could be. For one reason in particular — well one, me and Uma [Thurman] would have a really good time working together again. I put the character of Beatrix Kiddo through a lot, and so I wanted her to have this much time for peace. I wanted her to have some time with her daughter, and not have to be in the genre machine. She could actually enjoy her life for a while.”

Many fans would likely expect this, but Tarantino also confirmed that if he were to make a sequel, that it would take place in real time, and that “the whole idea was that everyone would be as old as they are.” So don’t expect the tale to pick up a few years after the end of “Kill Bill: Volume 2.”

And for those who are doubtful that he would go back to “Kill Bill” after so long, considering how much his career has changed, Tarantino states that it would be a welcome world to return to, given how much denser his work is getting.

“I think ‘Kill Bill’ is pretty much hands down probably my most visionary movie, insofar as I really went beyond the ‘Pulp Fiction’ stuff to really create this world that really doesn’t exist, where they actually have samurai holders on airplanes where the cup holder would be. And that’s all good, and everyone accepts that. That’s just how it is. You know, 14-year-old Japanese girls hang out in bubble gum bars, and eviscerate a man, and get away with it. 

So the thing about it was, that is probably my most visionary cinematic contribution. Since then, my work has taken the turn towards the literary, and it’s gotten denser and denser, with [‘Hateful Eight’] probably being the densest of the group. And that seems to be where I’m going to be going eventually, too, is like writing novels, or writing plays in theater and stuff, eventually. So it would be nice to go back to just a visceral world that’s not about the words anymore.”

So don’t turn in your samurai swords just yet. A “Kill Bill” sequel can still be in the cards.

“Hateful Eight” hits 70mm screens on Christmas Day.