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Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming ninth feature has been shrouded in mystery. Earlier reports stated that the film covered the Charles Manson murders, and even after Tarantino cleared up the matter, outlets kept on reporting that the film would indeed be about said murders.

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But what is the movie about? Vanity Fair has the first details, and here’s what they uncovered:

“Set in Los Angeles in the summer of 1969, Tarantino’s upcoming movie, according to a source who read the script, focuses on a male TV actor who’s had one hit series and his looking for a way to get into the film business. His sidekick — who’s also his stunt double — is looking for the same thing. The horrific murder of Sharon Tate and four of her friends by Charles Manson’s cult of followers serves as a backdrop to the main story.”

So as Tarantino said, the film will have 1969 as the backdrop of the film, and will also contain aspects of the Charles Manson cult followers. However, the plot doesn’t sound like it will revolve around those murders, and will instead focuses on these two lead characters attempting to get into the film business.

It’s a fitting premise for a Tarantino film, and one that’s sure to bring a lot of fun, violence, and dark laughs.

After leaving The Weinstein Company after all the sexual harassment claims from co-founder Harvey Weinstein, Tarantino spent the last couple weeks shopping the script around. He recently reached a deal with Sony to distribute the film worldwide.

What do you think of this premise? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Vanity Fair

  • TheOct8pus

    Tarantino could make a movie about growing wheat in the early 1900’s and I’d still be excited.

    • Kindofabigdeal

      I bet you’re a huge There Will Be Blood fan. (laughs) Me too.

  • Moby85

    You know what I’d love from Tarantino (besides a Sci-Fi I keep harping on)? Have him do a true, black and white, film noir. All that juicy dialogue, violence with tommy guns, booze running, gangsters. Oh yeah.

    • Kindofabigdeal

      Tarantino should do a remake of Deliverance and have Josh Gad get raped for 90 minutes.

    • Victor Roa

      I don’t know, I always loved Pulp Fiction seeing the everyday world of modern gangster is why I love his work.

  • Kindofabigdeal

    This can be interesting. Who will play the TV star? Pitt, Cruise, or DiCaprio?

    • Victor Roa

      PLEASE DICAPRIO! Remember the blood on his hand in Django unchained and he keeps going, fuck me what an actor.

  • Victor Roa

    time is everything….. Charles Manson is dead but sharon tate and her unborn child is dead for over 48 years so it balances out

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