– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Right now, some fans are petitioning to see a Zack Snyder cut of Warner Bros.’ latest film, Justice League. Given the film’s troubled history, we can definitely see where they’re coming from. This is a movie that’s faced a lot of rewrites and reshoots, and based on the finished product, it seems very clear that there was a lot changed in the last several months.

With that in mind, fans are eager to what Snyder’s original vision for the film was. However, this situation is nowhere near the same situation we had with last year’s Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition. That film was unique in that it was all shot and finished before Warner Bros. came in and cut 30 minutes from it.

Justice League was a film that was constantly in flux, and as such, a lot of Zack Snyder’s original elements were thrown to the cutting room floor months back, meaning they don’t have finished visual effects and elements. As a result, few (if any) of the story points, character moments, and action scenes that may have been an integral part of the original cut, are in any position to be shown to anyone — not without the studio putting a lot more money into it, at least. And given the disappointing performance of Justice League, Warner Bros. has no reason to expect that enough fans would pay for that experience.

Just as we will likely not see the radically different cut of last year’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (which had nearly 50 percent of the film reshot), seeing an “Ultimate Edition” of Justice League is an unlikely prospect.

That being said, while a Zack Snyder cut of the film isn’t likely, what is possible is an extended cut. Up until the very end, it’s very possible director Joss Whedon was likely still in the process of trimming down the film to meet the reported two hour mandate from the studio. These cut moments likely had finished (or close to finished) effects, and would therefore require relatively little extra money on Warner Bros.’ part. However, those looking for a different experience will be sorely disappointed, and the end product would likely be as different to the normal cut of Justice League as as the Suicide Squad extended cut was to the original: it’ll be just more content, not different, film-changing content.

Are you still hopeful to a Justice League: Ultimate Edition? Let us know down below!

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