– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Right now, some fans are petitioning to see a Zack Snyder cut of Warner Bros.’ latest film, Justice League. Given the film’s troubled history, we can definitely see where they’re coming from. This is a movie that’s faced a lot of rewrites and reshoots, and based on the finished product, it seems very clear that there was a lot changed in the last several months.

With that in mind, fans are eager to what Snyder’s original vision for the film was. However, this situation is nowhere near the same situation we had with last year’s Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition. That film was unique in that it was all shot and finished before Warner Bros. came in and cut 30 minutes from it.

Justice League was a film that was constantly in flux, and as such, a lot of Zack Snyder’s original elements were thrown to the cutting room floor months back, meaning they don’t have finished visual effects and elements. As a result, few (if any) of the story points, character moments, and action scenes that may have been an integral part of the original cut, are in any position to be shown to anyone — not without the studio putting a lot more money into it, at least. And given the disappointing performance of Justice League, Warner Bros. has no reason to expect that enough fans would pay for that experience.

Just as we will likely not see the radically different cut of last year’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (which had nearly 50 percent of the film reshot), seeing an “Ultimate Edition” of Justice League is an unlikely prospect.

That being said, while a Zack Snyder cut of the film isn’t likely, what is possible is an extended cut. Up until the very end, it’s very possible director Joss Whedon was likely still in the process of trimming down the film to meet the reported two hour mandate from the studio. These cut moments likely had finished (or close to finished) effects, and would therefore require relatively little extra money on Warner Bros.’ part. However, those looking for a different experience will be sorely disappointed, and the end product would likely be as different to the normal cut of Justice League as as the Suicide Squad extended cut was to the original: it’ll be just more content, not different, film-changing content.

Are you still hopeful to a Justice League: Ultimate Edition? Let us know down below!

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  • FeixPunk

    Eventually they’ll get the point that CBMs are not traditional studio films. WB is too set in its ways for proper CBM productions. Yes I know the DK Trilogy was loved, but that’s a specific character, with a specific vision, and a specific direction. You can’t treat everything like the DKT. Thats why MoS didn’t do so well. They tried the same formula for Superman. However, people bitched about Superman Returns not having enough action and then complained about MoS saying they wanted another Donner Supes movie….. even though really, Superman Returns was a Donner-esque movie.

    • Kindofabigdeal

      Why can’t he just be a friendly neighborhood Superman.

  • ejd1984

    I’d settle for just official conformations of rumored original story elements and scenes
    1. Was that a hologram of Superman or Supergirl?
    2. What was up with the tweeted black Superman outfit
    3. Was Alfred talking with Superman or Green Lantern? Or maybe even someone else.

    • Joseph Jammer Medina

      I also want to know the answers to all those questions.

  • Kindofabigdeal

    The fact that they mandated the run time shows that WB has not, and will not, learn from their past. BvS was way better with the additional scenes. Its too bad they didn’t just let the wine flow with this one.

    • Ryan Johnson

      A good film maker would figure out how to tell their story in a way that I don’t need a special edition to clear things up.

      • agooseontheloose

        Nothing to do with a “good film maker”. If a story needs time to be told then give it the time. JL turned out to be a hollow and linear film.
        2hrs for a film of that magnitude is not enough. Not comparing the films in quality here but it sounds like you’re saying the Godfather story can be told in 2hrs or squeeze Fellowship into 2hrs.

        • Ryan Johnson

          Fellowship of the Rings is a good example here. They told a complete and excellent story in the theatrical release. The special edition offered more: longer scenes, more character stuff, that wasn’t essential enough to make it in the theatrical version. This was stuff for real hardcore fans.

          What Batman vs Superman proposes is that you have to see the special edition to even get a coherent film.

          That doesn’t sound like good filmmaking to me.

          • the50sguystrikesback

            Well…that’s not (necessarily a matter of good (or bad) film making. It has MORE to do with director’s not being able to release their ENTIRE vision on the screen these days bcuz of studio politics and money. A good example of THAT is 1984’s ‘Once Upon A Time In America’. The theatrical cut was about 2 1/2 hours and there were scenes that didn’t make sense.

            The full original version is close to 4 hours, but 1.) U.S. movie houses can’t show a 4-hour movie as many times in a day and make money. 2.) The filmmaker’s cut it down severely from it’s 4 hour version (which WAS released overseas) bcuz the studio felt that American audiences are too dumb and impatient to sit though a well-made coherent film.

            That is WHY it is sometimes necessary to release and alternate or extended version for home viewing.

            On the other side of the coin…I like Brian Helgelnnd’s original vision of ‘Payback’ way better than Mel Gibson’s theatrical version and Brian’s movie is shorter. LoL

          • agooseontheloose

            Fair point. But in regards to BvS Snyder’s original vision, which is now the UE, should of been the official theatrical release.
            But no, the studio wanted to fit in as many showings per day as they could to make enough money back as soon as possible in order to pay back their investors as soon as possible. With each passing day there’s interesting building up on those repayments.
            So what do you get, you get a director who’s forced to slash 30mins of story which, IMO, was a big detriment to BvS.
            With JL, Kevin Tsujihar the CEO of WB made it a mandate that it had to be a 2hr film and not any longer. That’s not enough time to service the characters and story.

    • Victor Roa

      I guess they let the wine flow for almost 10 years

    • Aaron James

      “Way better” must be relative.

      I haven’t actually seen the theatrical release of BvS. I only watched the Ultimate Edition. And it was terrible. So I have a hard time imagining that the theatrical release was somehow worse.

      • the50sguystrikesback

        There were a lot of plot gaps that the Ultimate Edition’s 30 minutes of addition footage filled in.

    • the50sguystrikesback

      If I had to speculate, I’d say it was bcuz (in part) of fans bitchin’ and moanin’ about BvS so much, they probably were aiming to lighten the tone this time around. SO…you can probably (to some degree) thank your fellow fans for that.

    • newscynic

      I loved BvS and thought the whole story was clear in the cinematic addition. The extended version just confirmed what good story telling had shown us in less time. Although I own and enjoyed the longer version of the film the original cut is still my favorite. REALLY hope we get more scenes for JL though – it felt too short.

  • Victor Roa

    well, maybe the cut will sit right next to sean young horseback riding scene in 1989 Batman vault. Also we never did see the edit of Zack Snyder’s son as Robin.

  • the50sguystrikesback

    I’m sure we’ll see an extended version. Don’t know if it will have an additional 30 minutes added OR be the original ‘Snyder’ vision, but I doubt the theatrical cut will go into the Warner Bros vault as the definitive version.

    • agooseontheloose

      I certainly hope so.
      So much was cut out. I’d rather see Snyder’s cut than an extension of Whedon’s mess.

  • capitandelespacio

    I’ll like to watch a documentary about the whole story behind scenes more than the movie itself. It was so convoluted it deserves a well crafted documentary.

    • Aaron James

      I’ve been thinking this. I would absolutely pay money to see this in theatres. I do not intend to give WB any money for Justice League.

  • Brendan Day

    A much more extended cut is the least they can Fucking do ,

  • TheFirstRule

    They cut several scenes out of the movie that were in the trailer, so there should certainly be enough to make an extended version.

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