– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Let’s call it a Battle of The Sources and, for once, we at LRM get to join you in the audience as it rages on.

A few days ago, confidential sources told Forbes that The Batman was possibly on its way towards a page one rewrite. Last night, sources told Variety that there’s actually already a script that Ben Affleck and the studio are quite high on.

Hold the phone!!

Where did this come from?? We have no idea. For months, Affleck has been saying in interviews that the script isn’t ready, even going so far as to say on January 1st that the movie has no script. That’s what made the Forbes report, which also confirmed that Chris Terrio had completed a rewrite, seem entirely believable. Then, suddenly, Variety reporter Justin Kroll tweeted this out last night:

Toby Emmerich, by the way, is the new President and Chief Content Officer for Warner Bros., who stepped in for Greg Silverman as part of last year’s shakeups at the studio.

So there you have it. A “new script came in this month” for The Batman, and everyone seems to be high on it. Variety, mind you, is the news outlet that broke the story of Affleck’s departure from the director’s chair last week. They know their stuff.

Considering Kroll was answering a question about whether or not The Batman was starting over from scratch, it’s safe to assume that by “new script” he means “new draft” of the Geoff Johns/Affleck/Terrio script that’s been getting worked on for quite sometime. 

See? So it’s not all doom and gloom on The Batman front. Affleck may have stepped down as director, but it sounds like they may finally have a script that’s worth shooting! 

I should mention that Mark Hughes from Forbes is still contending that his sources are telling him that a full-scale rewrite could be in the cards…



But let’s try and focus on the positive! We want an epic Ben Affleck Batman movie!! And, judging by how hard Joe Manganiello is preparing for it, we’re sure he does too.

What do you think of this ongoing Battle of The Sources? You wanna take Variety’s sources to the bank? So do we! But this is getting pretty confusing, isn’t it? Let’s all just pray that The Batman is a classic once all of the smoke clears.

(Also, special shoutout to longtime LOS FANBOYS Podcast listener, and frequent LRM commenter Tavo Borrego, for calling our attention to Kroll’s tweet. Remember, folks, we are For Fanboys, By Fanboys. You’re why we do this, and we always appreciate what YOU bring to the table!)

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