– by Joseph Jammer Medina


If I could sum up this comic with one word, it would be “misdirection.”

The book starts out with with Carl and Lydia by Andrea’s grave, where Carl reluctantly admits a huge secret about him killing another child after being afflicted with “the disease.” He comes to realize that Andrea was more a mother to him than he ever thought she would be, and Lydia comforts him — but we still wonder about her, and what her motivation is. She is the daughter of Alpha, after all. 

We also see the efforts of Eugene’s radio broadcast finally come to fruition, and oddly the people on the other end know Siddiq’s name. I found this odd, and I am highly concerned that this may be a trap. However, Rick demands to be heard. He forces his way on the radio, and thanks to Eugene vouching for him, he is able to gain a little bit of trust. We shall see how this plays out.

The most important part of this comic is the newly found struggle between Dwight (my favorite character) and Rick. Dwight does not trust Negan, with good reason, and Dwight is amazed that Rick is simply letting him walk. Let us not forget, Rick killed Dwight’s wife, Sherri. Dwight has come to the realization that Rick is no longer suitable for command, and he lets him know in a less that subtle way. Rick does not take this well, nor does Dwight after his response, and I fear my two BFF’s are going to eventually have a throw down.

Kirkman said that Rick will eventually die. Could Dwight be the end of Rick?

The book ends with Maggie leading a troupe to meet with the outsiders, but instead has decided to follow Negan. She has a personal score to settle with him, as does most everyone, but my gut tells me that Negan will always come out on top. Furthermore, I fear for the loss of my favorite character Dwight.

I can’t wait for next month, this is getting interesting.

Someone is going to die. Who do you think it will be? Negan, Maggie, Siddiq, Eugene, Dwight, or Rick? Let’s hear from ya! Speak up TWD fans!!!

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