– by David Kozlowski

We’re suddenly on the precipice of a new Star Wars movie every year until infinity. We’ve gone from one new Star Wars movie every decade or so to multiple projects in concurrent development. For Star Wars fans (old and new) this must feel like a new golden age for the franchise… if only we knew more about these new projects.

Good news, DigitalSpy conducted an interview with Rian Johnson, noted writer-director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which so many fans love to hate, and others just plain love. Johnson is developing a new Star Wars trilogy, which DigitalSpy calls: “mysterious.” I’m sure they’re being cheeky since they can’t possibly know more than the rest of us. Right?

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Johnson opened by explaining that this new trilogy would not focus on the ongoing Skywalker saga — it would be something entirely different and new. Ha! We already knew that much DigitalSpy, what else you got? Here’s a little more of Johnson’s vision, in his own words:

“I’m looking at everything right now… The only goal I have is to think about how Star Wars made me feel as a kid. And that’s it. I’m trying to capture: what is that, if it’s not iconography that we recognise, necessarily, from the original trilogy? What captures that spirit? What can be that for a kid who’s never heard of Star Wars? It’s getting back to the very fundamental questions of what makes this what it is.”

There are many ways to interpret these comments, but the clear throughline is: a new story with new characters in new places that evokes the classic Joseph Campbell hero’s journey. Basically, all the stuff that George Lucas got right in the original trilogy, but none of the stuff he got wrong in the prequels.

But wait, there’s more:

“And then also just knowing that that’s just the flip side of the coin. You can’t take the good stuff without realising that with that same passion, you’re going to have people that are upset about stuff, but that’s not necessarily bad; it’s just both sides of the same coin of people really caring about this. You can’t take the good without the bad.”

Johnson is going to make this new trilogy his way, and if you don’t like it, that’s just too bad for you. Looking at it from another perspective, it sounds like he has the freedom to establish a singular vision. This won’t be design-by-committee, but there will be nods to nostalgia, and it will all connect with the tone and ethos of the prior films, and yet it will still stand alone.

Those are my takeaways, but they may not match your takeaways. It would be swell to hear your thoughts on Johnson’s new trilogy and the vision he expressed, to the extent that he shared very much of it at all. Bottom line, to have a new Star Wars trilogy — sans Skywalker clan — is really, really exciting regardless of where it goes, but the very fact that it can go anywhere and everywhere Johnson wants is kind of awesome.

What do you want out of Rian Johnson’s new Star Wars trilogy? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: DigitalSpy

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