– by Seth McDonald

Having just appeared as one of the most popular Star Wars characters, as Lando Calrissian, in Solo: A Star Wars Story, the multi-talented Donald Glover is now rumored to be up for the role of the villain in the Black Panther sequel. According to an article by UkMetro, Ryan Coogler is hard at work on the sequel and has a role for Glover in mind.

The rumor comes from an insider source of MetroUK. An excerpt from the article follows below.

“Ryan Coogler is currently mapping out Black Panther’s sequel and has written in a number of new characters that movie-goers will be introduced to when it premieres. One of those characters, if he gets his wish, will be played by Childish Gambino. Nothing is set in stone but “informal talks” [are happening] between Ryan, Gambino and reps from Marvel and Disney to see if they can make it happen. They’re still yet to decide if Michael B Jordan will return in some capacity but if he doesn’t it’s likely Gambino may play some kind of villain.”

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It is known that Coogler spoke with Glover while making the first Black Panther film. With a working relationship already in place, and considering Glover’s continued rise through the ranks of Hollywood, it is likely something could actually come of this rumor.

I almost forgot, here is a container of salt from which you should all take one grain to accompany this information.

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Source: UKMetro (via CBM)