– by Mark Cook

Super Smash Brothers may be one of my all time favorite series of games.  Who else ever wondered what would happen if you put Link up against Mario, or Pikachu against Peach?  The series does an awesome job of bringing our beloved Nintendo characters into a fun battle arena in an amazing free-for-all.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hits stores this coming December, and fans are always curious to know not only what characters will be returning, but more so what new characters will be added.

Take this with a grain of salt, but Eventhub has reported recent rumors regarding possible new inclusions:

“Notably, before the big announcement, Vergeben on Gamefaqs and Reddit had leaked that Ridley would be announced at E3 2018 and that Solid Snake, the Ice Climbers, and every fighter from Super Smash Bros. 4 would be returning this time around. He also mentioned that Simon Belmont was a newcomer and that Minecraft would receive representation, most likely in the form of a stage or an assist trophy.”

“Considering that every returning fighter from past entries has already been revealed for the roster, these characters would obviously have to be newcomers. There are at least six more that we’ll probably learn about as we get closer to December 7.”

I’m sold on if Simon Belmont is being included!  The Castlevania franchise is my second favorite to the Zelda franchise.  Belmont would be an easy inclusion and would fit well.

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So, we know some of the new characters, but who are going to be revealed as the mysterious six who are yet to be identified?  Who are you betting on?  Who are the top characters you want to be included in the franchise?  Leave your thoughts in the usual place, and thanks for reading!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hits stores December 7, 2018.

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Source: Eventhub