– by Campbell Clark

Fans are clamoring over any little bits of information they can find when it comes to the as yet untitled Star Wars: Episode 9. We have heard rumors of a trailer that never happened and we have had our fair share of fabricated leaks to contend with also. Fans are expecting either a title reveal or a teaser showing the title any day now, and have been for well over 2 weeks. It’s possible based on some hints from those involved that something could be on its way, but we just don’t know for sure.

One of the items you may see popping up on your news feeds today is a possible leaked title reveal. A user on Reddit claims to have hacked into the javascript on Star Wars.com the official Star Wars website and leaked a supposed title onto the popular web community application. You can catch the original thread on the link above or below.

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The leaker claims that the title for the movie is going to be Star Wars: The Balance of the Force and many sites have run with this along with many fans. But, I am not going to be one of them.

For a start, we have zero evidence other than a screenshot of the javascript, which in my opinion could easily be faked. But there are other reasons why I have a hard time buying this title as real. For one, The Balance of the Force is a name that’s been around for a long time, a long time. I recall back in 1998 it was the most popular rumor for the title of Episode 1 and of course that ended up being completely off-base as the title of the movie was the completely unrelated The Phantom Menace. There was a lot of misinformation at that time, I even recall one rumor that Charlton Heston would be playing a young version of Yoda and Christopher Walken would be playing a Sith Lord. I kinda wish that movie existed actually, because it sounds nuts.

Since those early internet days, the name Balance of the Force has come up time and time again amongst rumors and every time it has proved to be false. In actual fact there now exists two Star Wars products which bear the name Balance of the Force, these being a pinball game and a card game that has been around for years? I just find it really hard to imagine that JJ Abrams and co would pick a title that has become so linked to false rumors, and it would be confusing from a marketing point of view for the card game if nothing else, which is still on sale.

Now I could be wrong, and when the title is revealed I look a bit stupid for speaking against it, but that’s the risk we take right? What I will say is that if it does end up being the title of the movie I will be severely disappointed, I just find it completely generic and unimaginative. But no one at Lucasfilm asks me what to call these movies, so it doesn’t really matter whether I like it or not, and that’s not why I’m saying I don’t buy it. All I can say is, my money is on this being fake and I’ll be genuinely surprised if it turns out I am wrong.

Judge for yourself as always and let us know what you think of this leak in the usual place below, if you feel like it?

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SOURCE: Reddit