– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Even folks who dislike Marvel’s shared universe films tend to cite CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER as one of the stronger entries in the MCU. Why was that? Well, that’s subjective, but many seem to think it was the film’s more adult tone. It had the trappings of a political thriller with hints of espionage, gritty action, and a plot that dared to make overt comments about what’s going on in real life. That film’s directors (Joe and Anthony Russo) were invited back for CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR and, beyond that, will be taking over the reins from Joss Whedon on the next two AVENGERS films for the studio.

Joe Russo was at Wizard World Cleveland Comic Con on Saturday, and the co-director says that he and his brother doubled down on THE WINTER SOLDIER‘s tone with CIVIL WAR. “We really did a radical reinterpretation of Captain America in ‘Winter Soldier,'” he acknowledged. “We were twice as aggressive in tone and execution on ‘Civil War,’” Russo added.

He also implies that Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes, will be much more central to the plot this time around. Where as he was a sort of bogeyman in the last film, only getting into the character’s more complex layers in the film’s final act, Russo says Barnes will be more central this time around. Specifically, it’s what he means to Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) that’s going to be explored further, as “the relationship between him and Captain America will be further fleshed.” We’ve already been given a taste of this in that oft-quoted clip from the first CIVIL WAR trailer:

Cap: “He’s my friend.

Iron Man: “So was I.

This should all come as a breathe of fresh air for folks tired of Marvel’s more jokey tone. With the Russos taking control of the central narrative that is going to drive the next few “big” movies in the Marvel canon, we may be getting the more heady, complex superhero films that many have been clamoring for. 

What do you think?

SOURCE: Comic Book

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