– by Campbell Clark

Disclaimer, this article contains major SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity War


One of the slight criticisms of Avengers: Infinity War in some quarters, was that the deaths at the end had less impact when fans know sequels are already planned for those heroes. Specifically, here we are talking about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Spider-Man Homecoming 2 and the certainty of a Black Panther 2, along with likely many other sequels.

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Personally, I am not one of those that critique this aspect of the movie. What else can the writers and directors do, really? Disney is a corporate machine that needs to plan things in advance at times, after all, they don’t make movies for fun, right? I just feel that if we fans were not clamouring for every bit of Marvel news going, we wouldn’t necessarily know there was sequel plans, though one might assume.

Well, Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo were once again asked about this criticism of their movie by Huffington Post and here is what they told the outlet.

Anthony Russo:

“Here’s the thing, I think it’s important to remember anything is possible in the MCU. Just because there’s a sequel on the books doesn’t mean … people become accustomed to time moving linearly in the MCU. That doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. There’s a lot of very inventive ways of where the story can go from here.”

Joe Russo:

“There’s four years between ‘Guardians 2’ and ‘Infinity War.’ That’s a long time, and a lot of ‘Guardians’ stories to tell. Again, as Anthony said, don’t expect everything to move forward in a linear fashion in the Marvel Universe.”

Now, I don’t necessarily buy their play here. The suggestion that these heroes will never come back and their sequels will all be set before Infinity War just feels like a story?  I do, however, understand why it must be frustrating for them to have to answer questions about movies that have nothing to do with them, or the story they are telling. Leave the artists alone people, if you have to gripe, take it to Disney.

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SOURCE: Huffington Post