– by Anthony Esteves

Ryan Reynolds has a knack for posting well-timed photos and videos on his social media. Whether it’s sharing a bed with Hugh Jackman while dressed in his Deadpool attire or calmly speaking to the camera while a tremendous car chase and explosion scene takes place behind him, his brand of comedy is one of the positively entertaining aspects of Twitter and Instagram. Tuesday was another one of those days.

Timed with the news of the completion of the Disney/20th Century Fox acquisition deal, Reynolds had a post ready to go early Tuesday morning. The post was a perfect blend of the Mouse House and the “Merc with a Mouth.”

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As funny as it is, it’s odd to think that a character the likes of Wade Wilson will have any connection to the Walt Disney Company. While the deal brings Wilson, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four under the Marvel Studios banner (where they belong), it’s funny to think that the Regenerating Degenerate is now considered a coworker alongside Mr. Incredible, Buzz Lightyear and Moana. I can’t help but think of the unspeakable acts Wilson would have planned as he skips along the “happiest place on Earth.”

So far, it seems Disney has no plans of censoring Deadpool in his future films. It’s highly likely that if Mr. ‘Pool were to appear in an Avengers-related film, his language would most-likely be curbed a bit—which could be pretty funny depending on the creative way they do it. Yet, it’s nice to know that whenever the next solo Deadpool film comes are way, it’s going to be the original Deadpool that Reynolds has so masterfully created for our viewing pleasure.

Unless Disney changes their mind…

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Source: Twitter.